The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Will Steffy Get A New Love Interest?

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Steffy has turned out to be the true victim in B&B manipulated by her brother, apparently in love with a man who cannot decide between a single woman, and as an obstacle to the relationship of Liam and Hope. However, things could change drastically in favor of Steffy.

Liam proposed to Hope but also put too exaggerated conditions to formalize the proposal: Hope has to give up Douglas shared custody and any business partnership with Thomas Forrester. Why would Liam ask for things so difficult to accomplish? This is probably all part of Liam’s plan to be able to give up Hope without feeling guilty, while he goes in search of the woman who has stolen his heart. Will 2020 be the year where Steffy finally gets his true love? Will Liam be in charge of repairing Steffy’s broken heart?

B&B Spoilers: A Kiss That Can Change Everything

In the most recent episode of B&B, we could see how Steffy and Liam gave each other a passionate kiss that ended awkwardly because of Thomas and Hope. Liam is confused with his feelings, despite having proposed to Hope, he can’t get Steffy out of his mind. All this leads us to think that Liam is only looking for a way to be rejected by Hope and be able to run into Steffy’s arms.

So far we have witnessed how Liam and Hope have monopolized all the reflectors, while Steffy has had to settle for always being Liam’s second choice. She deserves much more than that! Although Liam and Hope end their relationship, Liam will always be tempted by Hope, which would leave Steffy in a very bad position.
The cards are on the table and it will be a matter of time to find out who will be left with Liam’s heart.

Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Will A New Love Be Knocking On Her Door?

B&B rumors warn us about the possibility of Steffy’s heart having a new owner … And no, it won’t be Liam. It will be another man in charge of giving Steffy his faith in love. This theory makes a lot of sense, especially if we take into account the fact that Liam is a true heartbreaker and is never satisfied with a single woman.

If this rumor is true, all Steffy fans can start celebrating. Having always been listed as Liam’s second choice, it is time for Steffy to get her true love, a man who loves her, respects her, and values her above all things. Will true love triumph? Will we see Steffy happy and in love?

All this and much more we will see in the next chapters of B&B!

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