Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Is Gabi Leaving DOOL?

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Days of Our Lives - Gabi HernandezDays of our Lives spoilers have been getting fast and furious with hints that one sinister vixen may not be in Salem much longer. Is it possible that Gabi (Camila Banus) is leaving DOOL?

It looks like the noose is tightening around the bad girl’s web of lies, so much so that even she is having nightmares about her world coming down. What could be worse than imagining that your guy is leaving you for his ex, a nun, and making out with her in your own house?

Days of our Lives spoilers – Gabi’s nightmare could come true

That’s a pretty awful visual, but it may be the very least of Gabi’s troubles. Gabi knows that Lani (Sal Stowers) is back in Salem and believes that she is a sister of mercy—both parts are patently false. Lani is as much a nun as Patchano (Stephen Nichols) is a priest.

And, Lani is secretly hiding out in town after telling Gabi she would get out of her way. This bodes very badly for Gabi’s future, given that J.J. (Casey Moss) is on Lani’s side to take down the home wreaker.

Days of our Lives spoilers – Are Gabi’s days numbered?

J.J. is hiding Lani who is on a mission to break up Gabi and her ex, Eli (Lamon Archey) and send Gabi to the moon or somewhere in a more southerly direction. What she doesn’t know is that Eli proposed to Gabi and so her chances look dim.

But, J.J. knows, having had to pick his mouth up off the floor when he heard the news. Surely, he won’t let this train wreak happen? J.J. is a formidable foe and he has information that could blow Gabi out of the water and out of town. Will he use it?

Days of our Lives spoilers – Julie could be collateral damage

It all comes down to Gabi’s phone and Julie’s (Susan Seaforth Hayes) life. Gabi is controlling Julie’s pacemaker through an app on her phone. Really.

She’s already put the poor woman through heartrate hell more than once, and there’s no doubt she would kill the woman if Lani tried to get in her way or get back together with Eli.

It would appear that Gabi must pay for her crimes, not the least of which is making Lani dump Eli at the alter under threat of killing Julie. Good-hearted Lani did just that, without even bothering to brush up on her technology!

But now she has an ally in J.J. who is determined to bust Gabi for her crimes and felonies. If he is able to get her phone, can he disable the deadly app? The better question is, will Gabi go to prison and leave Salem in her rear view when the truth comes out? Be sure to tune in and find out!

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