The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Thomas Hopeful But Prepares For Worst as ‘Bridge’ Merry-Go-Round Continues

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The Bold and the Beautiful Brooke Logan

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) is hopeful that “Bridge” will split forever. However, he is preparing for the worst because he knows that Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) and Brooke Logan Forrester (Katherine Kelly Lang) always seem to get back together.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Breaking ‘Bridge

B&B spoilers tease that Thomas will probably never stop wanting Brooke out of his family’s life. He has a lot of anger toward her going all the way back when she got together with Ridge. He blames his stepmother for destroying his family.

Even though a long time has passed since then, he hasn’t let go of that anger. It seems each week, he finds a new reason to despise her. The hatred is mutual as Brooke won’t rest until Thomas is out of the picture completely.

B&B Spoilers: Thomas Forrester Hopeful

In the most recent issue of Soap Opera Digest, actor Matthew Atkinson said the young man is hopeful “Bridge” will split permanently. However, he also knows their romantic history. So, he is prepared for them to somehow find their way back to each other.

However, it seems he might get a partner that could join forces with him to end Brooke once and for all. That individual is Quinn Forrester (Rena Sofer).

B&B Spoilers: Marital Merry-Go-Round

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate Ridge and Brooke have broken up several times over the years. However, Bradley Bell calls the couple “destiny” and they always wind back up in each other’s arms. Fans speculate that the same thing will happen this time as “Bridge” rides on a marital merry-go-round.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Destroying Relationships

Thomas and Quinn would make a fierce team. They both have their issues with Brooke. For Quinn, this escalated when Brooke demanded Eric Forrester (John McCook) end his marriage. It was a direct attack on Quinn’s relationship and she plans to use all of her power and resources to get revenge. In fact, she promises to end Brooke once and for all.

If she partners with Thomas, Brooke will have one heck of a fight on her hands. Can she really deal with two powerful and vengeful enemies working together? Will they succeed in eliminating Brooke and ending her marriage? Or is Brooke more prepared for the battle than anyone realizes?

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  1. Kenya Sanders says

    Ok shauna cant act she was Not that great on witness protection ok she looks scary and old as hell all that botox she looked diffetent on tylers movie now on bold they need to give her the boot she cant act says the same shit she is quinns pet she feds her the lines she needs to say one would wonder why she joining all these shows if she so happy with bold i think she tired of the shauna chasing ridge thing know i am so what they mean by brookes life is a merrygoround shauna so bad why want she tell ridge . the truth instead of folding her arms wearing the same clothes every episode now brooke was wrong to demand quinn out his home thats not gon happen brooke dhould not have touched that marriage between them but quinn is coaching her puppet shauna to go after ridge quinn isnt a real friend she wants ridge her damn self ever since their attraction oh my God brooke was right not to trust Zoe is she c crazy she needs to ruin thomas not hope

  2. Betty Jean Stokes says

    Brooke has proven to be a force to be reckion with. She learned quite a lot from Stephanie Forrester’s from being slapped around. She was constantly begin slapped around by Stephanie simple because she didn’t like her or her mother for that matter and begin blamed for things she did or did not do. The more Brooke was begin slapped the more the determined she became, so there is nothing they can do to her that Stephanie has not already done. Quinn should be surprise because she fired the first shot by kissing Ridge too, and she knows she has done somethings to Brooke already concerning Deacon Sharpe, so she better tread lightly, she don’t want Eric to know about that. She should not be teaming up with Thomas no way, let him fight his own battle. They both need to leave Brooke alone because she is only fighting for her marriage and if Quinn had not been so busy pushing Shauna to go after Ridge Brooke would not have been in her face nor Eric’s face for that matter, she open a can of worms and they all are about to crawl out. She knows Eric will divorce her if she do anything to hurt Brooke, he loves Brooke any way so she is just playing second fiddle to her. She better be glad that Eric kept her from going to prison for all the things she has done. She has no room to talk or team up with any one because she is mental health too, like Shelia Carter Eric’s third wife she is the fourth wife. So whose to say that Eric will stay with her. Only time will tell how this story will end and I only hope that Brooke does not get hurt or Eric and that Ridge get back together with her and those who don’t like it can just “eat her dust”

  3. Kenya Sanders says

    I feel so sorry for Sally everybody boosted wyatt weak was up to dump Sally poor thing cant do it I think.he will get into it. But I think she sally will have to tell him her conditon

  4. Kenya Sanders says

    Exactly Betty jean stokes like quinn lied talking bout stepanie didnt like brooke cauuse she knew she was a slut no stephanie actually admired brooke had nothing but respect for her like quinn needs to mind her damn business she no friend to shauna she her pet she bad at acting Denise richards one episode I saw her struggling cause she forgot what to say ole quinn jumped in I still ask why is she in it and why would she team.up with thomas is she crazy or just not thinking I’m glad Eric kicked Shauna out so how she got hurt brooke what does she have on her

  5. Kenya Sanders says

    And everybody calling brooke a whore thats tired old and through ok drop it quinn kidnapped liam from steffy and fucked him yes the crazed bitch got in his bed makeing him was steffy and they fucked

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