Sister Wives Spoilers: Vegas Houses Sell – Will The Wives Be Happier Now?

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On Sister Wives, we have seen the Brown family going through a lot of financial stress. When they moved from Las Vegas to Flagstaff, they had yet to sell the homes they were living in there. They just got some great news that the Vegas homes have finally sold!

There has been quite a bit of tension and stress in the Brown family because of the selling of the homes. The homes have been on the market for months and the family has been dealing with financial problems all around. The family basically moved to Arizona broke…very broke.

Janelle Brown and Christine Brown suggested that if they lowered the prices, the houses would probably sell quicker. As much as the family didn’t want to do this, they basically had no other choice. When houses sit on the market too long, the chances of them selling get slimmer.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Janelle Works on Selling

When the Brown family moved to Flagstaff, Janelle was still going back and forth to Vegas to hold open houses and try to sell the homes. She had no luck and no one had shown interest. This is why she made the suggestion to lower the prices. We do have great news though; all of the homes have finally sold!

Christine’s house was listed originally for $675,000 and it sold for $530,000 in September. Janelle’s home was listed for over $700,00 and it sold for $575,000. It was on the market for about six months. Meri Brown’s house was listed as $599,900 and sold for $574,900. Robyn Brown’s house took about six months to sell and it sold for $603,000.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Rentals and Home Owners

When the Browns bought their land in Flagstaff, they apparently spent $820,000 on it and it is to be split into four different homes. The land has had nothing done to it since they moved here and while they are waiting for the homes to be built, Kody Brown and Robyn bought a five-bedroom house for about $900,000!

Many fans of the show don’t quite understand how the Brown family has the money to support their living. Christine owns a house in Flagstaff and Janelle and Meri are both renting homes there. Meri has her own home business that seems to be doing pretty well and the family does get paid pretty well for doing the show. We just can’t figure out why there has been no movement on building on the land yet.

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