Sister Wives Spoilers: Mariah Brown Expresses Her Gratitude On Social Media

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TLC Mariah Brown

Mariah posted on Instagram to heartily thank the sun for shining, after experiencing so much gloomy weather in the windy city.

The weather has been pretty gloomy in Chicago recently, which Mariah Brown of Sister Wives really doesn’t appreciate. Mariah took to Instagram to explain how the weather makes her feel and that she thanks the sun when it does shine.

TLC Sister Wives Spoilers: Thank you to the sun for shining

The Sister Wives star already suffers from various mental health issues, so gloomy weather makes her feel even worse. Many fans can relate to how Mariah feels when the weather is bad.

On Sunday Mariah headed to Instagram to share her thoughts about the sun, accompanied by an image of her sitting on a rock, while surrounded by what looks like damp and gloomy weather. She then explained that when the weather is bad for days on end, you start to feel it. She says this makes her grateful to the sun when she gets a chance to greet it in the morning and goes on to thank the sun for its energy and light.

Speaking of Chicago’s weather, she did say that even when the weather is cloudy and gloomy, she knows the sun is still there beyond the clouds “waiting to warm the earth with its rays.”

TLC Sister Wives News: Yoga and salutations to the sun

Before you think Mariah is a little nutty to be thanking the sun, bear in mind that what she is doing are the “Sun Salutations” (Surya Namaskar). This is a series of 12 yoga poses offering profound benefits and which have been around for thousands of years, according to the Art Of Living website.

In her post, Mariah said she had let herself sit in the “bleakness,” but also spends time thanking the sun via Surya Namaskar. She says there is nothing like the real vitamin D from the sun to make you feel good.

Mariah officially qualified as a yoga teacher in Bali and fans were thrilled about her new direction in life. Yoga is reportedly one of the best ways to deal with mental health issues, especially when the weather is bad. Let’s hope Mariah can keep up her spirits with yoga, along with the help of her therapist, until spring finally arrives in Chicago!

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