Survivor ‘Winners At War’ Spoilers: Edge of Extinction Adds New Fun Twist To The Game

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During the airing of Survivor, Everyone was talking about the Edge of Extinction so much that it began trending on Twitter. Many people who did not like the Edge of Extinction were changing their minds as they heard about how it gives anyone the opportunity to get back into the game. Natalie Anderson has been the first person voted out by the tribe and was sent away to the Edge of Extinction.

Survivor ‘Winners At War’ Spoilers: Natalie Anderson Has Been The First Person Voted Out By The Tribe

The Edge of Extinction, however, has a twist for this season that has everyone talking. The twist that was introduced was the use of the fire tokens. The fire tokens are used to bring oneself back into the game after they have been voted out, and everyone is given one as soon as they enter the competition.

However, tokens cannot be taken with the person when they are voted out. Instead, they are forced to give the token(s) to another member. However, they can also use it while on the island to buy items that are sent to them from the Edge of Extinction.

Natalie got her first opportunity to earn a fire token by solving the riddle in the bottle. By solving the riddle, she was able to get an immunity item to give to any member from the losing tribe. Sandra was then given the opportunity to buy the item off of Natalie using her one token. This given Natalie one token closer to leaving the Edge of Extinction.

Survivor ‘Winners At War’ Spoilers: The Second Person To Join The Edge Of Extinction Is Amber

The second person to join the Edge of Extinction is Amber. Amber had a target on her back because of her relationship with Rob. The target was put on her back by Sandra, who had a vendetta against Rob for not informing her that he would be on the show. However, it looks like, on the next episode of Survivor, Rob will find out just who sent his wife(Amber) to the Edge of Extinction. This is going to cause Rob to declare war against Sandra and may keep him in the game longer since he no longer has a direct connection with anyone in the game.

The audience did get to see Amber make to the Edge of Extinction and alert Natalie of her arrival. Although Natalie may enjoy the company of another while on the Edge of Extinction, it may turn into another smaller version of the game as they try to collect fire tokens in order to get right back into the game. It will be interesting to see how the Edge of Extinction will continue to affect the game throughout the season.

Let us know what you think. Will Rob get an advantage now that his other half is out of the game? Who will make it back to the island first? How will the game be affected by the Edge of Extinction? Make sure to check back for all of the latest news on what’s going on in the world of Survivor news, spoilers, recaps & more, right here!

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