The Young and the Restless News: Sasha Calle Debuts New Song

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The Young and the Restless: Sasha Calle (Lola Rosales)The actress who plays Lola Rosales on The Young and the Restless also has incredible musical talent.

Sasha Calle plays the role of Lola Rosales on the CBS soap The Young and the Restless and has proven the fact that she also has incredible musical talent. She has recently released a new song, Ex-Factor, which Calle both wrote and performed.

The Young and the Restless News – ‘A piece of my heart’

Sasha Calle recently made a post on Instagram, where she shared a preview of her first music project, Ex-Factor.

In the caption to the post, Calle wrote that the song was a piece of her heart and that it had taken a lot of patience to create her first music project. She said that “singing, writing, performing” the song did something to her that she cannot explain.

Sasha said it felt like home and it has hurt her that she couldn’t share her musical talent with friends and followers before. She revealed she had contacted @david_bu, asking if he could record a live song with her. Sasha wrote, “David, I’ll be releasing this one,” and David didn’t ask any questions and simply said yes, giving her some time to get ready.

Calle wrote that the song feels like “home” and said she was sorry she hadn’t been able to share it before. She said her new song takes her back to a “very bittersweet moment” in her life when her heart was hurting for a while. Sasha said this about her falling in love for the first time, but that it was ripped away from her and her heart was hurting.

Sasha also wrote that she is sick of not showing fans and followers this massive part of her life. But now she is releasing the song and continuing to work on her music. Calle told her followers that she loves them and hopes they will enjoy the song.

Y&R News – Download Ex-Factor

Ex-Factor is now available on all music platforms. Sasha asked friends, fans and followers” to “stream it, share it, cry with it” as she did. The post ended with giving special thanks to @trueneek and @david_bu for working with her on the song and convincing her that only one take was necessary. She also thanked @saro for being her rock throughout the release of the song, as well as capturing the artwork.

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