General Hospital News: Kirsten Storms Takes A Stand

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General Hospital: Kirsten Storms (Maxi Jones)Kirsten Storms, who plays Maxie on General Hospital is involved in the ‘Hat Not Hate’ campaign and is using her platform to stand against bullying.

Many soap stars have used their platform on social media to help worthy causes and Kirsten Storms, who plays Maxie on General Hospital, is among them. She is using her platform, The Lion Brand Yarn “Hat Not Hate” campaign to bring awareness to bullying and the devastating effect this has on people.

GH star Kirsten Storms stands against bullying

The Lion Brand Yarn website intends to “use crafting to end bullying,” using the hashtag #HatNotHate. Kirsten Storms says she is proud to be a Lion Brand customer. She went on to say that when she has finished her current knitting project for their knit-along, she plans to knit some new blue beanies to send to the “Hat not Hate” headquarters.

Lion Brand Yarn is pairing up with the STOMP Out Bullying campaign, urging crocheters and knitters to use their free patterns in order to create hats from blue yarn. These will be shared online with the hashtag #HatNotHate. These hats will then be donated to schools for kids to wear in October, the official anti-bullying month.

Storms went on to say the group hands out the hats at schools across the USA in an effort to remind kids of the importance of kindness to each other. She pointed out that just because someone is different from you, doesn’t mean they deserve to be bombarded with negative feelings or words. Kirsten said we are all different from each other, which is what makes each of us special and it is what makes us human.


General Hospital News – Kirsten Storms knows how it feels to be bullied

Social media can often be a negative platform, and Kirsten herself has received hurtful and negative comments on social media. She understands what kids are experiencing.

Storms said she has mentioned the importance of kindness and positivity before on her page. She says no one truly knows what the other person is going through in life and what they are struggling with. Kirsten said they don’t know what their hurtful words can do to that person.

Storms urged everyone to “be a light in someone’s day,” adding that she would rather be remembered herself for spreading love rather than hate. She then reminds us that “love lasts longer” than hate.

Hop over to The Lion Brand Yarn website to read the “Hat Not Hate” page to find out details about the cause and if possible, contribute.

Meanwhile, keep watching Kirsten on General Hospital weekdays on the ABC Network.

Kirsten Storms on Instagram: “The @lionbrandyarn #hatnothate campaign, that brings awareness to bullying, makes me so proud to be a Lion Brand customer. As soon as I’m…”

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