General Hospital Spoilers: Wally Kurth Slaying It On Both GH And Days of Our Lives

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General Hospital spoilers expose the fact that one of its most prominent stars is pulling double daytime duty and killing it in the process. Many actors cross over on soaps, but few do it as well as Wally Kurth who is doing an amazing job of appearing as two different characters on two different shows on two different networks—when does he sleep?!

General Hospital Spoilers: On DOOL Kurth Is Bringing It As Justin Kiriakis

DOOL fans know the handsome star as Justin Kiriakis, a good-guy member of the shady Kiriakis clan, a formidable bunch of businessmen who don’t shrink from using violence, blackmail and nefarious schemes to get ahead and get what they want.

Justin has strayed from the mold, instead becoming a lawyer with a heart of gold. Currently he’s playing the part of a confused boyfriend to perfection. One day he was grieving the death of his wife Adrienne (Judi Evans) then soon after wooing Kayla (Mary Beth Evans).

Except that his whole world has been turned upside down with the discovery that Kayla’s errant husband Patch is really not himself, but the vessel for Stefano’s mind and memories (both played by Stephen Nichols).

General Hospital Spoilers: On GH Kurth Is Delivering The Goods As Ned Ashton

At the same time, Kurth must be on guard to keep his DOOL lines and plots compartmentalized when he jumps to ABC’s General Hospital to portray Ned, a member of the Quartermaine family. It can’t be easy to pull off two daytime characters concurrently, especially when they have much in common.

Ned is also an heir of a rich and powerful clan, one that rules the town. He’s also not one of the nasty family members, preferring to try and keep the peace when possible. At this time his hands are full with a wild child daughter who demands his money and turns to blackmail of one of the town’s mobsters when she doesn’t get it.

General Hospital Spoilers: What’s Next For This Uber-Talented Star?

What Kurth is doing – bringing to life two nuanced characters in separate daytime casts — is simply awe inspiring. Granted, both shows tape in Los Angeles, but the logistics of going back and forth between sets and juggling production schedules is no small feat (especially in L.A. traffic!).

Through it all Kurth has delivered the goods, and shown himself to be a stellar actor who seamlessly immerses himself completely into his characters. Kudos to this fan fave and soap vet who excels at making the difficult look easy, a sure sign of a professional at the top of his game!

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