TLC Sister Wives Spoilers: Kody Brown Seems Bitter Toward Meri – Is This The End For Them?

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Kody Brown TLC Sister Wives

Sisterwives’ Kody Brown obviously has anger issues with first wife Meri Brown. Kody tends not to listen to what any of his wives say and go by what he perceives they said. Apparently, this led to a sore spot with all the wives and Meri feeling as everyone was ganging up on her over the Coyote Pass property. However, there seem to be deeper issues with Kody. Does Kody want out of their relationship altogether?

TLC Sister Wives: Janelle Admits She Misunderstood Meri’s Words

Sisterwives Janelle Brown admits she assumed that Meri meant she didn’t want her house in the trees when Meri spoke about the house being dark that she’s been living in. Meri did not say she didn’t want that spot, she said she wasn’t sure. Kody and Christine jumped to the same conclusion without asking for an explanation. Then Janelle, who was supposed to have worked out her issues with Meri, beings up their single-family home in Wyoming. Janelle talks about Meri not wanting everyone tracking through her house to go to another part of the house. Something it seems very petty to bring up now. Why are these issues just now coming out?

Christine Assumed Meri Had Made A Decision As Well

Christine Brown admitted to misunderstanding what Meri had said as well. As a matter of fact, Christine also brought up the point that they had not even had a surveyor out there to plot the land out. As Christine said, no one actually knows where their property is. People still seem to be blaming Meri for the issues surrounding the property division though, especially Kody. Christine was right in suggesting that they may have to reevaluate the property situation. Nothing can really be decided until the legalities are taken care of. Will it be done soon enough for the family to remain together?

TLC Sister Wives: Is Meri Truly Being Difficult?

Sisterwives’ Kody says he has put up with thirty years of Meri acting this way but is she truly being difficult? Should everyone consider Meri’s situation before they judge her reaction? Meri simply stated she wasn’t sure if she wanted in the trees or not. How did picking out a place for a house become such an issue? Why is Kody so upset with Meri’s reaction and Robyn’s support of her? Robyn and Meri have been closer than most of the sister wives. Why could Robyn be expected to turn on her now?

Why Would Robyn Not Want to Work Things out With Meri?

Plural families are going to have issues as Sisterwives have shown. However, it seems that Kody and Meri are having real issues with reconnecting after this catfishing. Can Kody and Meri get back to what they had before or should they cut their losses? Is this the end for Kody and Meri’s relationship?

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