General Hospital Spoilers: Fans Conflicted by Taggert’s Death – Will Real Andrews Be Back?

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General Hospital: Marcus Taggert (Real Andrews)

General Hospital spoilers reveal that GH brought back a legendary character for a few days, then killed him off. What a dirty trick; or was it?

Taggert’s (Real Andrews) sudden entrance and quick exit were as unexpected as it gets on a daytime drama. Usually, we have days and weeks of leaked spoilers announcing a character’s return, but not this time.

Fans usually are treated to graphic scenes in advance of a character’s explosive demise, but not this time.

Taggert’s visit was welcome and long overdue, and moved the plot forward in unexpected and spectacular ways, so why do I feel cheated?

General Hospital spoilers – Real Andrews and Marcus Taggert need to return to GH in whatever way, shape or form the writers can conceive of

For starters, Taggert is a returned character with tons of history and figured into many pivotal character’s lives.

He gave as good as he got with Sonny (Maurice Benard) a nearly impossible feat. The only other people who can talk back, and talk sense, to Sonny and live are Jason (Steve Burton) and Carly (Laura Wright) and he likes them! Sonny and Taggert had a legendary vendetta going back to childhood which resulted in all sorts of dramatic tension and conflict.

GH Spoilers – Bringing Marcus Taggert back was like no time had passed at all

Taggert picked up right where he left off, antagonizing GH’s number one iconic character and setting up all sorts of plot potential. Who didn’t laugh knowingly when he called Stone Cold, Anger Boy?

But apparently, all this nostalgia was for naught as Taggert has been pronounced dead after risking his life to save his daughter and others taken hostage by his enemy.

One minute he was asking for candy from his hospital bed, the next dead second from a blood clot. It was such a classically soapy move, that fans were smugly thinking yeah, right, he’s “soap dead,” meaning not really!

General Hospital Spoilers – Real Andrews confirmed the news so we must take that at face value

But Real Andrews has posted a farewell to Instagram, saying, “RIP Taggert. Thanks, everyone for all your support I appreciate you all it was a great run and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity. Although I appreciate your support more than you know I am great Gods got me 😂. It has been an honor and privilege working with Maurice, Steve, Sidney, Brianna, Dawnell’s and Genie. Thank you to Frank, the producers, and Writers for the opportunity. Thanks to Mark Techsner for always believing in me and thanks to all the crew and staff for making my stay an amazing one. God Bless.”

General Hospital spoilers say some exciting moments are in store. We’ll keep you posted as other GH details emerge. Stick with the ABC soap and don’t forget to check back often for the latest General Hospital spoilers, updates and news.

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