TLC Sister Wives Spoilers: Is Kody Considering Divorcing Robyn Because She Disagrees With Him?

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Sisterwives Kody Brown has gotten himself and his four wives deeper in debt by his insistence on leaving their homes in Las Vegas and moving to Flagstaff Arizona. Kody’s rash decisions seem to be taking a toll on the family as a whole as well as his individual relationships with his four wives. Is Kody considering divorcing Robyn Brown because she dares to disagree with him?

Sister Wives Spoilers: Kody Didn’t Like Robyn Defending Meri

Sisterwives Kody was very upset with Robyn when she had the nerve to defend first wife, Meri Brown over the Coyette Pass property. Kody seems to have given everyone the spot he wanted them to have and went from there and Meri simply wasn’t sure she wanted in the trees.

Of course, Kody relayed his version of the conversation to Robyn who thought she was getting the piece of property that was left. Robyn dared to defend Meri when she said she wasn’t sure what she wanted and Kody went into a tirade over it. Robyn went on to tell Kody that Meri is her sister wife and she is always going to try to get along with her. Kody obviously has issues with Meri and seems to think Robyn should as well.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Kody Wants To Buy Another House

Sisterwives Kody is insisting that he and Robyn need to buy another house instead of renting again in Flagstaff and Robyn completely disagrees. Robyn seems to be the more level headed of the two and sees how much Kody’s rash decisions have cost them. Meri is moving to a third house since they have been in Flagstaff because the owners are selling her rental house.

Kody and Robyn are having to move because their house is being sold. Janelle just moved again recently as well. With the children they have in college and the recent moves, along with still having two of the Nevada properties that haven’t closed yet, money is very thin. Robyn sees that they cannot afford to buy another house. Robyn has been trying to hold onto the money from the sale of her house so they have the money needed to build on Coyote Pass. Kody seems to believe otherwise and wants no arguments about it.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Kody Threatened To Buy The House Himself

Sisterwives Kody was so upset by Robyn’s refusal to buy the house that he is threatening to buy it on his own. How does Kody plan to do that when the money is supposed to be family money? What gives Kody the right to spend money that is supposed to be for everyone on a house that only he wants?

Kody says God is telling him it is time to buy, but why would God want him to go in even more debt? Why would Kody consider buying a house when he could take that money and start to build one of the houses on the property they already own? Is Kody doing what is best for the family or simply being unreasonable?

Will Kody dissolve his marriage to Robyn over a house? If a house can break up a couple, what does that say for their relationship in the first place?

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