TLC Sister Wives Spoilers: Should The Family Try To Push Mariah And Audrey To Get Married?

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Sisterwives Mariah Brown recently announced her engagement to college girlfriend, Audrey Kriss. Once Mariah made her announcement, the family immediately thought the couple should set a date and get married.

Mariah prefers to wait until she graduates so they can celebrate the wedding without the distractions of school interfering in their young married lives. Should the family continue to push for a quick wedding or accept the couple’s decision to wait?

TLC Sister Wives Spoilers: Mariah’s Relationship Is Different

Sisterwives’ Mariah’s marriage is not the same as her siblings. Mariah’s fiance’ is a woman. Mariah and Audrey are not in a rush to have children. They don’t have the same issues that the other couple had because they don’t have the pressure to get married. They don’t need her father’s approval like the men marrying into the family do. Mariah and Audrey should not have the time restraints as the other couples.

Sisterwives’ Mariah doesn’t want to rush into marriage and put undue strain on her and Audrey’s marriage by rushing into it. Mariah wants to take her time, finish her degree and then enter into marriage. Mariah and Audrey have agreed to wait because of school. Mariah and Audrey should be able to have a long engagement if they want without the interference of well-meaning family members. Love does not have time limits and neither should engagements. It should be their choice and theirs alone.

TLC Sister Wives Spoilers: Mariah Describes Audrey As The “Light Of Her Life”

Sisterwives Mariah refers to Audrey as the “ light of her life”. Mariah was upset over her mother’s catfishing incident and Audrey was one of the people there to support her. Mariah warned her mother about the person she was talking to but Meri chose to ignore her.

Mariah and her mother were always close before this incident and Mariah needed support. Mariah has since reconciled with her mother and they have mended their relationship pretty well. Meri accepts Audrey as does the rest of the family and they are just eager to make her a part of the family. Perhaps the family is just eager to make Audrey a permanent member of the Brown family.

TLC Sister Wives Spoilers: Has Mariah’s Decision Been Accepted?

After the initial excitement of the engagement announcement, things seem to have calmed down quite a bit. So perhaps Mariah convinced the family that there is no need to rush into marriage but have a long engagement instead. At least with Mariah and Audrey’s wedding, the family will have a lot of time to prepare without being rushed to find a venue, catering, and the like.

The Brown may not like long engagements but it seems to be right for Mariah and Audrey. It also gives the family something to look forward to.

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