Eastenders Spoilers: Will Sharon Regret Giving Up Kayden? Too Grief-Stricken To Make Logical Decisions

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Eastenders spoilers previously teased that Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean) would make a heartbreaking decision. As we speculated, the grieving mother is giving up her newborn. However, it is hinted that she could regret that decision later. After her grief subsides, she might realize that she’s made a huge mistake and fight to get him back.

Eastenders Spoilers: Dennis Rickman’s Death

A major death was teased for the 35th-anniversary episode. It was also confirmed that one person would die and it was not someone expected. In fact, even the cast and crew were shocked to discover that the death was a boy — Sharon’s older son, Dennis Rickman (Bleu Landau).

To make this storyline even more complicated was a bittersweet twist. The same moment that Dennis died, Sharon gave birth to her second child, Kayden Taylor.

Extreme Grief Blocks Bonding With New Baby

Eastenders spoilers reveal Sharon hasn’t been able to properly care for Kayden. We’re not just talking about physically, but emotionally as well. She only holds the baby if he’s handed to her. She doesn’t gaze into his eyes, talk to him or smile at the newborn. Her extreme grief over Dennis’ death is blocking her ability to bond with Kayden.

Eastenders Spoilers: Giving Up Kayden Taylor

Sharon made the heartbreaking decision to give Kayden up. After listening to Denise Fox’s (Diane Parish) story, Sharon realized that she had to do what was best for Kayden.

However, is it really the best thing to give him up? She’s not exactly in the right state of mind right now. She is grief-stricken and she might just need someone to take care of Kayden until she goes through the grief process.

Sharon Mitchell’s Regret Hints Adoption Reversal Story?

There is reason to believe that Sharon might end up regretting giving Kayden up for adoption. After all, Dennis and Kayden were all that she had left. Dennis died during the boat tragedy, which just leaves her and baby Kayden. When she goes through the stages of grief, will she want her child back?

It will be interesting to see how this story develops over the next few weeks. Even though the blame is being put on others, when you really look at the timeline, this was caused by a choice Sharon made many months ago… to sleep with Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters). After she got pregnant, a long chain of events occurred and the end result was Dennis’ death.

However, hasn’t she been punished enough? Should she reconsider her decision to give up Kayden?

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