TLC Sisterwives Spoilers: Mariah and Audrey Talk Babies And Plans For The Future

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The four Sisterwives mothers visited Mariah Brown and Audrey Kriss this week and learned that the couple is already making plans for the future. Meri Brown wants to have an engagement party and these girls are talking babies.

TLC Sisterwives Spoilers: Meri Wants To Plan Two Parties

Sisterwives Meri wants to have two parties for the girls, one at the Bed and Breakfast in Utah and another Chicago. Mariah doesn’t seem to be too thrilled with Meri’s party idea. Meri’s logic is there are two brides so there can be two parties. In all honesty, Meri wants to have a party close to her family where all their friends in Utah can attend. Mariah and Audrey go to college in Chicago and they have friends there as well.

Mariah Wants Kids With Audrey

Sisterwives Mariah wants kids but she doesn’t want to carry them herself. Mariah revealed that has never had a desire to be pregnant or give birth to a child. However, Mariah is perfectly fine with Audrey carrying their children if she wants to. At present, Audrey and Mariah haven’t decided if they want to have their own children or to adopt. Audrey seems to be leaning toward having children. Audrey appears to be looking forward to pregnancy and childbirth and Mariah is more than happy to let her take that role.

TLC Sisterwives Spoilers: How Soon Will They Marry?

Sisterwives Audrey and Mariah originally wanted to get married after Mariah graduates from college but recently Mariah seems to have had a change of heart. Mariah doesn’t know that she wants to wait three years now like she stated when they announced their engagement at the family’s Valentine’s Day celebration. The mothers tried to talk them into having the wedding this September instead of September 2023. However, the ladies have not decided on this as of yet. Will Mariah and Audrey move their wedding up to this year or even next September instead of waiting the three years they had talked about? How soon will the ladies wait before adding a child to their family?

Audrey And Mariah Want Two Kids

Sisterwives Audrey and Mariah are sure that they want two kids because according to Audrey “ everyone needs a friend”. This suggestion seems to hint that they want the kids to be close together in age so they can play together and grow up as pals. Although the ladies are leaving the final decision up in the air at the moment, the mothers are certainly looking forward to more grandchild and their idea is the sooner, the better.

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