‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Victor Newman Battles Rattlesnake – Kansas Past Resurrected

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The Young and the Restless spoilers document that Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) is battling his old nemesis again. The man without a moustache, who is a chip off Victor’s block, Adam Newman (Mark Grossman), believes that his father may have caused, or was involved in the murder of a man.

Alyssa Montalvo (Maria DiDomenico), who is Adam’s just-introduced childhood friend, is a crime reporter. She’s key to a new storyline that has both characters curious about whether one, or both of their fathers were involved in nefarious and potentially deadly dealings many years ago.

Young And The Restless Spoilers – Kansas Days Fondly Recalled

Hardcore Y&R fans fondly recall the mid 1990’s arc that set Victor on an adventure after he’d left Genoa City, Wisconsin, following a major fallout. He was believed dead, but actually avoided an accident and went to live with Hope Adams (Signy Coleman) at her farm in Kansas.

Victor fell in love with Hope and later married her. She returned with him to GC, but later left, feeling unable to fit into big city life.

Coleman’s portrayal of blindness was remarkable. Her character was fresh and contrasted all others on Y&R. The child Hope and Victor created, Victor Adam Newman, joined the small group of legacy characters on this classic daytime soap.

Young And The Restless Spoilers – Adam Newman Holds Father Responsible

Adam believed that Cliff Wilson (David Cowgill) was his dad until Hope’s admission on her deathbed. The arc that started in 2008 arguably extends to this day, as Adam still harbors bitter feelings about his actual father, Victor.

Chris Engen (Adam) was the first actor to portray the SORAS’d, adult version of Adam. He arrived in GC with upbeat expectations, but was rejected by his other siblings and soon came to feel that Victor was against him as well.

Michael Muhney (Adam) and Justin Hartley’s (Adam) versions of Victor’s second-born son were also mostly involved in ongoing battles steeped in misguided feelings of family contempt. Victor became increasingly defensive and often lashed back against this often-times mirror image of himself.

Young And The Restless Spoilers – Two Men Died In Kansas

Cliff has long been believed to have died of accidental causes. A.J. Montalvo (Alyssa’s father, in a role that’s not known to have been cast), was believed to have tragically passed as well, but not through criminal means.

Whether Cliff and A.J.’s deaths remain unremarkable will soon be seen. Adam and Alyssa are embarking on an investigation that will explore each other’s pasts, with accusations baked into the daytime cake.

Adam’s recent veiled poke at Victor, in mentioning the Montalvo name, elicited a perceived response. Knowing both Newman men, resulting pursuits and defenses are sure to be vicious, likely leading to further family dysfunction. Whether Alyssa is a recurring character, or also becomes a main part of the show, will also soon be known.

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  1. Betty Jean Stokes says

    I don’t know how these two men died, but Victor was not in Kansas when these men died. Victor was in G.C. Quite frankly I’m tired of Adam messing with his father, disrepecting. Don’t he know who only get to have one father, but in case he had two Victor of whom he did not know was his his real father and Cliff who was his stepfather. Now I don’t understand why Adam always feel the need to cause problems for Victor! If he want a company then he needs to start his own and leave Victor alone because Victor had to work hard for what he has nobody gave him anything and it’s about time that Adam learn what hard work is all about. He seems to think that Victor owe him a living, but I’m here to tell him that his father does not owe him anything especially when he keeps trying to tear him down for some petty notion that he should be running Victor’s company. Well get over yourself Adam you’re not all that’ and I do not blame Victor I wouldn’t allow you to be CEO of my company either if your past history has anything to say about your track record. Writers why are you always writing a script where that spoil brat, old spoil brat Adam always causing problems for his father and get away with it. You all need to come up with something better than that I mean this is old crap and I’m bored just the thought and mentioning of it. Victor deserve a better story line than this. He has been on this show for 40 years and you keep him going over the same crap with Adam at fore front of it. Why? Don’t you think that deserve a better more mature Adam for a son instead he always gets this old spoil brat for a son. Come on now this story line has already been done. Victor has already been there and done that and looking for something new to do. So, show some respect for him and give him a story line befitting of his character. Give it a rest all ready with the family fighting, gee this is the 20’s not the 19’s we live through that with him every moment of it now we’er all looking forward to something new and refreshing for him to do. Okay? Okay. So give the old brat scenes a rest.

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