TLC Sister Wives Spoilers: Kody Admits To Not Investigating Building Issues – Takes The Blame For Home Deterioration

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Sisterwives Kody Brown finally admitted to not fully investigating the rules of building on the Coyote Pass Property. Had Kody done his proper research, he would have learned that they were prohibited from building for two years on their property. The Flagstaff housing issues completely his fault.

TLC Sister Wives Spoilers: Kody Pushed For This Move

Sisterwives Kody Brown is the one who insisted on moving to Arizona. Kody was so determined to make this move that he threatened and followed through with pushing his wives into this decision. Kody billed Flagstaff as this amazing place where they could raise their kids in peace and harmony and have no issues with the law. However, Kody had that in Las Vegas. Kody complained on this evening’s episode that he would have saved a fortune staying in Las Vegas. Should Kody not have known this before he initiated this move? If Kody had done his research before packing up and leaving Las Vegas, he would have known the finer details that he chose to ignore.

Rent Is Expensive

Sisterwives Meri Brown, Janelle Brown and Robyn Brown have all been renting since moving to Arizona. Christine could not find a rental and was forced to buy a home. Kody is now trying to push Robyn into following suit and purchasing a place they can lather renting since they can’t find a place to rent at present. Had they researched a little more, they could have asked for a two-year lease when they originally rented and none of them would have had to move. Why did Kody not check into these things before insisting on this move? Would it have not have been better to prepare before the move than it was to move and then learn that you should have kept your homes for two years?

TLC Sister Wives: Stop involving The Kids

Sisterwives Kody needs to learn to be a grownup himself and stop involving the children to get his way. Kody keeps bringing the kids into his and Robyn’s arguments about the rental issues. Kody is supposed to be an adult and he is trying to use Robyn’s kids to force his agenda. After all this looking, Kody managed to get Robyn upset again over saying the kids had to change schools. This completely set off Robyn who refuses to move her kids to a different school district. Robyn’s daughter Aurora is already to the point of having Robyn doesn’t want her children upset any further. Will the Browns survive this argument of Brown vs Brown? Will Robyn be forced to buy a place that she is far from excited about?

None of these housing issues can be blamed on anyone except the man that had his heart set on moving to Flagstaff but never truly researched his options.

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