EastEnders Spoilers: Ex-EastEnders star, Hetti Bywater, reveals that her anxiety and insomnia resulted in Sleep Paralysis

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EastEnders: Hetti Bywater

Ex-EastEnders star, Hetti Bywater, who played Lucy Beale age 25, has recently revealed that she has been suffering from anxiety and insomnia that has led her to begin experiencing sleep paralysis. She explained that the additional stress of the coronavirus has led her to feel anxious. She reached out to her fans on social media to tell her fans about her concerns over her sleeping problems.

EastEnders Spoilers: Hetti Bywater Reveals Sleeping Problems

She wrote on her Instagram stories, “I’m so scared to sleep too as I’m concerned my sleep paralysis will kick in.” She later gave her fans an update and wrote, “Sleep update: I didn’t. I knew it would happen. Anxiety was so bad, and I was so sleep deprived that paralysis happened. Every time I start to nod, it kicked it, waking me back up in fear, stirring my anxiety further. I tried so hard to breathe and had herbal remedies, but when it gets that bad, it’s almost a lost cause. So, guess I’ll have to wait until tonight. And let’s hope. Mainly annoying because it means my first day of routine has been ruined. And routine is what I need rn. Insomnia is a killer!! So is anxiety!”

EastEnders Spoilers: Worried About the Pandemic

Sleep paralysis may include being awake but not being able to move, speak, or even open your eyes. Feeling like someone may be in your room. Feel frightened or like something/ someone is pushing down on you. These things can last from several minutes to a few hours. This can make it uncomfortable and scary for someone who is going through this. It seems like Hetti may be going through a lot of anxiety from the fear of both the sleep paralysis and also the coronavirus that has become a pandemic.

It seems like she is trying to find a way to help her anxiety from this, which includes meditation, music, and yoga. In 2017, it was shown that anxiety affected about 3.8% of the global population, and it would make sense for more people to be affected by it or for people with anxiety to feel more anxious because of the recent virus that has been affecting the world. What do you think about Hetti’s confession to fans? Do you think that her speaking out may help others going through the same thing? Have you been feeling anxious because of the recent pandemic?

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