General Hospital News: Carly Might Make A Huge Discovery While Nina Plots To Spoil Nelle’s Custody Battle

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General Hospital (GH) spoilers revealed recently that Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) decided to hire the sociopathic Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier) as her personal assistant at Crimson. While Nelle currently believes she may have tugged on Nina’s motherly heartstrings, GH viewers know that’s not why Nina hired her!

General Hospital Spoilers – Nina Plots to Spoil Nelle’s Custody Battle

As GH viewers know by now, in recent episodes Nina practically gloated to Carly that she was planning to use Nelle’s evil tactics against her. Of course, this made Carly happy to hear it because she became excited and practically jumped at the chance to help Nina’s scheme. In fact, Carly gave all kinds of ideas about how she could have her security teams keep an eye on Nelle, and more. As GH fans know, however, Nina put a bit of a dampener on Carly’s enthusiasm. As she said to Carly, “I’m just worried about one part of this plan. You.” In fact, she let Carly know that in her opinion, the farther Carly was away from Nelle the better things would be.

With all of that said, GH viewers who were quick on the uptake may have noticed that during the conversation between Nina and Carly, Nina showed Carly her half-locket. She made sure to mention that she believes that whoever her child is has the other half … and that individual knows its significance.

General Hospital Spoilers – Nina’s Plan Could Backfire

As GH fans know by now, it’s entirely possible that Nina’s plan could blow up in her face. How could that happen? Well, viewers ought to consider a few things. The first is that everyone knows that Nina yearns to have a true mother-daughter relationship. The second is that there have been some hints dropped over the course of many months that Nelle could be Nina’s long lost child.

Should that happen, could Nina have a sudden change of heart regarding Nelle? Could she, without warning, change her plans? Instead of trying to monitor Nelle in order to gather something incriminating that could hurt Nelle’s custody case … might Nina betray Carly’s (and everyone else’s) confidence and wind up helping Nelle instead? Could Nina do all of that out of a misguided notion that Nelle might abruptly reciprocate any feelings of love that Nina finds blossoming in her own heart?

The truth is, Nina has had mental health issues before and if Nelle is proven to be Nina’s daughter, she might all of a sudden choose to ignore all the evil Nelle has committed. Maybe Nina will convince herself that everyone, including Nelle deserves a second, a third, or even a trillionth chance at redemption.

That is, unless Carly discovers that Nelle has the other half to Nina’s locket first.

General Hospital Spoilers – Carly Saves Nina from Herself

Should Carly discover the truth concerning Nelle, and the reality is that Nelle is Nina’s daughter, she may make a move to save Nina from herself. That salvation could take the form of stealing Nelle’s half of the locket away from her. It could be something else entirely. Who knows? The point is that if Carly finds out before Nina does, GH viewers can bet she’ll do something about it.

GH fans might thank fortune or fate, but the truth is, if Carly prevents Nina from discovering that a horrible, sociopathic murderer is her daughter … it will be an act of kindness.

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  1. Tina Greer says

    Yes Nelle is Nina’s daughter!! Now Nina can help redeem Nelle. I’m hoping Chloe Lanier stays on General Hospital permanently.

    1. Jillie says

      I hope she leaves soon and permanently.

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