The Good Doctor Season 3 Spoilers: Finale Preview Shows Two Possible Deaths

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Dr. Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore)

The Good Doctor Season 3 finale preview shows that not everyone will survive. The latest promo trailer for part 2 of the Season 3 finale airs on Monday, March 30. The promo trailer for part 1 show teases a character death. The preview for the finale hints that it could be Melendez or Shaun that could be the one who dies.

The end of this week’s episode features Shaun in a dangerous situation as he tries to free an injured woman while a broken pipe floods the room. “At the rate the water is filling, we have about an hour,” the doctor is heard saying. The earthquake had both Shaun and Melendez in trouble. Shaun told Claire that he had bruising on his ribs, but the end of the episode showed him vomiting and passing out.


As per The Sun, the trailer shows the fans to prepare for the “shocking end.” In the new promo, Shaun wakes up in a hospital bed, but the complications landed him there and he could end up with even more complications. Fans assumed that Shaun couldn’t pass away since he’s the main character of The Good Doctor. But they don’t want to believe that it’s Melendez who dies.

Both characters are shown in a vulnerable position in the final part of the two-part finale. Viewers feel that it’s someone else who dies on The Good Doctor. It could be someone that viewers don’t expect to diet. The “life-changing conclusion” to the third season, according to ABC network, “our doctors work against time and their own personal safety to save the lives of those around them.”

The Good Doctor Season 3, Episode 20 is titled “I Love You,” which also indicates that Claire will finally reveal her true feelings to Melendez. Or, it could mean that Lea will tell Shaun that she loves him since she’s seen calling out to him in the promo.

Part 2 of The Good Doctor Season 3 finale airs on Monday, March 30 at 10 p.m. ET.

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  1. HM says

    If they dare to kill off Shaun Murphy by drowning him to death in Season 3, I AM DONE.

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