General Hospital Spoilers Update: Extreme Measures, Forgery and Imprisonment!

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General Hospital (GH) Spoilers hint that Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) may have a plan up her sleeve involving Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier). Nelle and Carly have been at each other throats ever since Carly found out that Nelle was targeting her.

This has continued even now as the secret of Nelle giving away Wiley Quartermaine-Corinthos (Eric and Theodore Olson) has come to surface. However, with Wiley needing surgery for a heart problem, will Carly be able to get Wiley the surgery that he needs?

General Hospital Spoilers- Nelle is Trapped

When Carly finds out about Nelle refusing to sign the form allowing Wiley to get the surgery that he needs, Carly approaches her to convince her to do what is right. She does get through to Nelle for a split second, but it does not last long. As Nelle tells Carly that she has no say so in whether Wiley will have the surgery or not, Carly leaves Nelle up on the roof. However, seconds later, Nelle hears a click and realizes that she has been locked on top of the roof. However, what is her plan?

General Hospital Spoilers- Carly Puts Plans into Action

With Nelle at the top of the roof with no cell phone connection to call for help, Carly forges Nelle’s signature in order to allow the surgery. If she did it without Michael’s knowledge, it might not backfire on Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell). As he had no knowledge of Carly’s actions.

On the other, hand she could try and convince Nelle to allow the surgery by keeping her trapped up there until she agrees to it. However, the only way that would work would be if she were to get her to sign it and not open the door until the surgery was done. However, both may backfire, and Nelle could use it to her advantage.

With Nelle trapped on the roof, Carly must have some kind of plan that will help Wiley get the surgery that he needs. More than likely, Carly had the plan before she even made it to where Nelle was. What do you think? Will Carly’s actions backfire? What do you think her plan will be? We’ll give you updates as GH news comes in. Stick with the ABC soap, and don’t forget to check HH often for the latest General Hospital spoilers, updates, and new

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  1. Tina Greer says

    Carly should go to jail if she forgets Nelle’s signature. It’s not Carly’s call, it’s Michael and Nelle’s. I feel for Nelle; she looked scared and confused to me. I hope Nelle will think about Wiley first from here on out and redeem herself.

    1. celebdirtylaundry says

      Carly is ridiculous!

    2. BarbC says

      I don’t think Nelle really cares about Wiley. Nelle only cares about herself and sticking it to Michael & Carly.

      1. cdh195077 says

        BarbC,I must agree with you about Nelle. She truly don’t care about Wiley. She only care about herself and her need. She is out for blood and how she will hurt both Michael and Carly. I still hope in six month that she will lost custody in the family court where Michael don’t have to wondering how he will get her to sign the paper.

        1. BarbC says

          I couldn’t agree with you more. You said it just right.

    3. cdh195077 says

      Tina Greer I must agree that Carly should go to jail for the faking Nelle’s signature. Sorry I don’t believe that Nelle will change her way and started thinking about her son Wiley. It won’t happen and I hope that Michael will win the custody suit.

  2. cdh195077 says

    Carly forgery Nelle’s signature on that GH paperwork and get the operation for her grandson Wiley. Nelle will scream up and down GH hall that Carly forgery her signature but Carly encounter and will claim that Nelle is a big fat liar.We both know that when the PCPD finally enter the picture that the paperwork will vanish into the wind.

    1. celebdirtylaundry says

      Well it is illegal what she is doing and she is not above the law!

      1. cdh195077 says

        I know that it is illegal and I know that she isn’t above the law. Carly truly believe that Nelle is using her own son as a pawn in a power play. I got a bad feeling that Nelle will claim that someone try to kill her. She will claim either Carly or Michael is the one that want her dead.

        1. BarbC says

          I think Carly did the right thing. Good for her!

  3. Funny says


  4. Funny says

    Carly maybe wrong but Nelle is insane.she gets away with everything she does plays the victim @everyone believes her.she could have all the money in the world @still be miserable. Send her to therapy although I doubt it would help.this storyline needs to be put to order for her to heal she must take a hard look in the mirror.

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