EastEnders Spoilers: Biggest Stories To Watch Out For Next Week

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Next week will be an exciting time for fans of our favorite BBC soap, including the Carters speaking up about their plans.

There is plenty to look forward to on next week’s episodes of EastEnders, including Phil facing the police over Dennis’s death, the Carters coming clean and Mitch making a confession to Karen and more. Read on to find out what to expect next week.

EastEnders spoilers for next week

In an unexpected move, Phil Mitchell will be facing the police over Dennis’s death. He chooses to take responsibility by telling the cops he was responsible for the deadly boat crash. Phil heads off to a jail cell, with Ben finding out the next morning his dad had handed himself in.

Meanwhile, with Phil putting his future into doubt, Ritchie Scott, his family lawyer, comes to the rescue. Naturally, Ritchie is aware his client’s confession might get the police looking into what happened to Keanu Taylor at Christmas. However, as Phil is determined to do the right thing, can Ritchie’s efforts help?

EastEnders’ Karen planning to leave Walford

While all this is going on, Karen is getting ready to leave town for good after the life-changing proposition by Ian Beale. Ian had offered her money, as long as she relocates from the Square with baby Kayden. This suggestion immediately divides the Taylor family.

However, Karen’s partner, Billy, is upset he won’t be able to see her, which unexpectedly leads to her former partner, Mitch, not being happy with the idea too. When Mitch suggests to Karen that he and Bailey could go with her, she feels touched, until he drops a bombshell, which could have a bad effect on everything.

Mick and Linda and their plans to sell the Queen Vic

Mick and Linda are already putting their plan to sell Queen Vic in motion. However, after an estate agent comes to value the pub, Mick suddenly realizes what they are doing. This leads Linda to feel guilty Mick is giving up his dreams for her. As she contemplates a rethink of the sale, she makes a suggestion to Mick, whereby she won’t work in the pub anymore.

Mick tells Billy of their plans to sell the pub, which leads to other locals finding out about their plans. How will everyone react to the situation?

Along the way, Bobby starts feeling attracted to Dotty, while oblivious to the hold she has over his dad. Meanwhile, Vinny’s new friendship with Dotty is turning out to be a positive thing, as he feels more motivated over his future. He starts plans about starting his own business, while it is unknown whether his family will support his plans.

Keep watching EastEnders on BBC One on Monday and Tuesday evening to find out what happens next.

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