General Hospital Spoilers: Cyrus Gets Released from Pentonville – Who Should Be Scared?

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General Hospital (GH) spoilers suggest that Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) is a criminal to be reckoned with. GH fans know that Cyrus is a vindictive, evil man willing to kill not only his enemies, but their families as well. Now, Cyrus is being released from Pentonville Prison … and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it!

General Hospital Spoilers – Cyrus Is Known for Brutality

GH fans who have been watching the show over the past few months know that at one point, police commissioner, Jordan Ashford (Briana Nicole Henry) once went undercover while working for the DEA. While undercover, Jordan got close to Cyrus Renault. Jordan became his right hand woman. In essence, Jordan helped Cyrus to grow his criminal empire all up and down the West Coast. From his throne in Seattle, the drug kingpin grew in power and strength and ruined the lives of many. However, Cyrus eventually discovered that Jordan betrayed him.

Upon discovery of Jordan’s betrayal, GH fans know that Cyrus hatched a diabolical plot for revenge. After incarceration, Cyrus was able somehow to get himself transferred to Pentonville Prison in Port Charles. In fact, Cyrus’s entire motivation was to get revenge on Jordan.

The criminal mastermind’s first steps were to track down and murder all of Jordan’s former, undercover teammates. At least two of these died from forced drug overdoses, enduring a gruesome death. Then Cyrus moved on to hatching a plot to lure Jordan’s close friend and partner, Marcus Taggert (Réal Andrews) into a shootout where he was mortally wounded.

Finally, Cyrus had Jordan’s son TJ (Tajh Bellows) kidnapped. He then blackmailed Jordan and got her to break the law, so that he could have large shipments of drugs brought into Port Charles. To make matters worse, however, Cyrus had a plan to get himself released by forcing Jordan to confess that she had manipulated and planted evidence in order to frame him. In effect, Cyrus’s plan to punish Jordan was to have himself exonerated while she would be sent to prison.

Now, however, Cyrus knows that Jordan managed to get him released from Pentonville while keeping her nose clean with the police department’s internal affairs division. Jordan ought to be very scared at this point. It’s likely Cyrus will find another way to punish her since his initial plan didn’t go quite the way he’d envisioned it!

General Hospital Spoilers – Sonny and Family are Petrified

Jordan isn’t the only one who should be scared. It’s a sure bet that Cyrus Renault will also target the entire Corinthos crime family. While Cyrus doesn’t seem to hold a personal vendetta against Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) per se … Sonny’s just kind of “in the way.” If Cyrus wants to be the criminal king of all Port Charles, he has to depose the man currently sitting on the throne. Of course, every GH fan knows that man is Sonny Corinthos.

Furthermore, Cyrus has already tried twice to kill off Sonny’s family and business associates. Fans know that recently, as soon as Sonny learned that Cyrus was being set free from prison, the Mafioso immediately sent out his best friend and hitman, Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) to try to kill Cyrus before Cyrus could come after them.

It’s clear Sonny’s running scared.

General Hospital Spoilers – Cyrus Is Going After All Port Charles

First Jordan, then Sonny … then Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) and her husband. Anyone and everyone who have “wronged” Cyrus Renault has reason to be very afraid at this point. If Jason Morgan is unable to get rid of Cyrus as a threat as soon as Cyrus walks out of prison, GH fans just may expect an entire war to erupt as Cyrus and his organization take on every power in Port Charles.

As some have said before, evil usually wins unless good is very, very good. GH fans can bet that saying will hold true as events move forward in Port Charles!

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