TLC Counting On Spoilers: Unlike The Rest Of The Family, Anna Duggar Believes The Coronavirus Is Real

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The coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone. The government, the military, healthcare professionals, and all the other frontliners are doing all they can to stem the spread of the virus. Meanwhile, others are asked to stay at home to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Communities across the globe have been placed under quarantine and each one has their own part to play in this battle. Everyone is doing what they can to flatten the curb, except for some who don’t believe that this virus is real, and this includes the Duggars.

For those who are up to date about this family, most of the family members are not observing social distancing nor are they following the safety guidelines which have been set in place to stop the spread of COVID-19.

The good thing is that there are a few of the Duggars who don’t think that the coronavirus is a hoax like Jessa Duggar. And it looks like there’s another one who thinks the same, Anna Duggar, Josh Duggar’s wife.

Anna Practices Social Distancing

Anna may not be joining the anti-Jim Bob rebellion but she surely doesn’t share the latter’s sentiments about this pandemic. For those who are following Anna on social media, she recently shared a photo of her kids all dressed up for Palm Sunday church services even if they can’t attend the service physically. Instead, their family watched their local pastor’s sermon online.

“Happy Palm Sunday — Hosanna!” Anna said.

“Amid all the changes of the coronavirus pandemic it felt good to dress up and get ready for church! Even though we livestreamed the service it felt a little more normal to be ‘dressed for church,” she continued.

“This got me thinking…is anyone else planning to wear their #Easter outfits next Sunday and livestream a church service?” Anna asked.

“During the #HolyWeek let’s make a meaningful time as we remember Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. May we celebrate Jesus’ sacrificial love for us and share it with others!” she added.

Josh Duggar’s Scandal

It’s been five years since news broke that Josh Duggar molested five young girls, including four of his own sisters. He was never charged for the crime but he paid dearly and that includes his family. The molestation news triggered a series of scandals, which eventually landed Josh in front of a judge.

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  1. Chanel D. Adams says

    The same one who had a party with some of her family members? I saw that Josh and Anna attended a family gathering with some of the other Duggar members. Correct me if I’m wrong? I wondered what caused her to change her mind all of a sudden?

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