General Hospital Spoilers: Scorpio Makes a Promise to Obrecht – But How Will He Protect Maxie and James?

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General Hospital Obrecht

General Hospital (GH) spoilers revealed that Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) made a promise to look after the family of arrested suspect, Dr. Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati). GH viewers know that Obrecht responded that she would hold Scorpio to his vow.

General Hospital Spoilers – Obrecht Might Be Going Away for a Long Time

GH viewers know that recently, Robert Scorpio met with Dr. Liesl Obrecht in jail. There, he revealed to a surprised and horrified Obrecht that she would be getting out of jail in Port Charles only to be transferred The Hague. There, in Europe, Obrecht would be tried for the crimes of which she’s been accused. Now, GH fans know that Obrecht has been framed and there’s no telling if and when she will be vindicated. Obrecht certainly has no such knowledge. With that in mind, Obrecht made a furious declaration that she would do whatever it took to bring Peter August (Wes Ramsey) down. No prison will hold her and Obrecht’s vengeance will one day be complete!

In the meantime, however, Obrecht is simply a wet noodle, flopped on the floor of her jail cell in mental pain and anguish. The only comfort Obrecht has outside of her own will and determination are the words of Robert Scorpio. As viewers know by now, Scorpio told Obrecht that he would watch after both Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) as well as her grandson, James West (Owen and Curtis Rufca).

General Hospital Spoilers – Scorpio Can Handle His Vow

Now, Scorpio can hardly be expected to keep Maxie emotionally safe once she discovers the lengths Peter has gone to deceive her. When it comes to her emotions, Maxie is definitely on her own. However, if there is anyone who could keep an eye on Maxie and James, it’s Scorpio. GH fans ought to remember that way back in the day Scorpio was a WSB spy. Moreover, Scorpio has been the police commissioner of Port Charles, and he’s currently the district attorney!

If anyone in Port Charles has the connections and resources necessary to watch over Maxie and her kid with an angel’s wings, it must be Scorpio.

General Hospital Spoilers – Scorpio Won’t Have to Lift a Finger

Now, despite Scorpio’s promise to Dr. Liesl Obrecht, it’s really likely that the man won’t have to do anything at all. Maxie isn’t in physical danger from Peter. Maxie probably won’t ever be. In fact, some GH fans believe that for a long time now, Peter has been honestly trying to clean up his act. The fact that he just framed Obrecht for murder and attempted murder is simply Peter’s way of brushing all his past sins under the carpet. If only he can get rid of his past … Peter can finally live a normal life. Many believe that Peter views Maxie and James as a part of the new life he wishes to live.

If that’s true, Scorpio’s brave and heroic speech to Obrecht was simply that of a man attempting to bring comfort to her broken and wretched soul. In the end, however, Scorpio’s pretty words may signify absolutely nothing.

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  1. Matt Crider says

    Hopefully Leisl will be back before long and can help Maxie deal with the fact Peter lied. Robert will busy dealing with Anna’s wrath if he’s the one to catch Peter

  2. Maggie Ann says

    Peter needs to go one way or another. this should have never gone on this long.

  3. Rebecca Thompson says

    Maxie and James are the most important people in Peter’s life, He may have framed Liesl and done the other shady things but he would not do anything to hurt them. He loves them even though he has not been going about it the right way. Peter needs to tell Maxie more about himself and what he has been doing. It will not be easy at first. Peter also needs to let Anna in more as well. Anna can help Peter to get out of this mess. Robert has been blinded by the fact that Peter is Faison’s son. He has never given him a chance. If he had given Peter a chance then when Peter got into trouble with Shiloh he might have gone to Robert for help and would not have spiraled down this dark path. I hope that in the end that Peter will get back on the road of redemption for Maxie,James, and Anna.

    1. Sara Smith says

      that’s a very interesting way to look at it–never thought of it, but it definitely has merit!

  4. Sara Smith says

    The Sound and The Fury–signifying absolutely nothing–spot on, good article.

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