Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Stefano’s Fate As A Microchip Was Cut From Episode – We Fill In The Blanks

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Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that Ron Carlivati, head writer of Days of Our Lives tweeted recently that viewers did not get to see scenes where it was explained what happened to the microchip that was taken from Steve Johnson’s (Stephen Nichols) brain that made him Stefano DiMera (Stephen Nichols) due to the scenes being cut because the show ran too long. We fill in the blanks thanks to Ron’s transcription of the cut scene on Twitter.

The Scene Featured Chad DiMera And Tony DiMera

The scene featured Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) and Tony DiMera (Thaao Penghlis) as they were discussing what should be the fate of “The Phoenix” who was now reduced to a tiny microchip. Ron also includes cameraman instructions, since he is transcribing directly from script. Ron tweeted as follows, dividing into scenes as they would have been filmed.

Scene One

“Scene 1: Chad ends a phone call with his lawyers, tells Tony that the police agreed that since Rolf developed the microchip with DiMera money, technically it belongs to them. Tony holds up the chip in a plastic bag, cannot believe this was actually inside Steve Johnson’s brain… Tony continues: Could this chip really be all that is left of Father…and if so… what should we do with it? (camera)
On Chad…”

Scene Two

“Scene 2: Chad holds up the chip, thinks they have no other choice but to destroy it. He moves to smash it, but Tony stops him, argues: This is a big decision, one that requires a little soul-searching. Chad disagrees: It’s just metal and wire, a bunch of circuits… Tony: Is it? Tony continues: We all felt when we were talking to Steve Johnson…that in some ways…he really was Stefano DiMera. So, if we destroy this chip, we may actually be destroying a life. Stefano’s life. I have to ask you, brother, do you really want to kill our father? (camera)
On Chad…”

Scene Three

“Scene 3: Chad considers Tony’s question, has no problem talking about this…though his mind is made up. No one can really argue that Stefano had any respect for the sanctity of life, so any consideration they are giving him on that front is generous. No man can live forever. Chad continues: Father’s body is obviously gone…and whatever may or may not be left of him on that chip had already made his peace with death. Stefano DiMera…or whatever or whomever it was being channeled through Steve…already said his goodbyes. TAKE (camera shot, no dialogue) Tony, thoughtful… After a beat, Tony admits Chad’s reasoning is sound…but thinks there is someone else’s feelings that they also need to consider before they make this decision. Chad: Whose? Tony: Our sister’s. (camera)
ON Chad…”

Scene Four

“Scene 4: Chad hangs up from John. Kristen’s unavailable. Tony thinks they should put the chip into the safe until they get a chance to speak to her, but Chad thinks that’s just courting trouble. Someone could steal it, or something could happen to make them change their mind… Chad continues: Their father has a hold on them…one they broke free of just in time to stop him from killing Tony and Kristen…and hurting so many others. Whether Stefano is on this chip or not, they shouldn’t underestimate the power even the idea of him has over his family… Chad concludes: Yes, we are DiMeras, but we have other people to consider, the people we love…and who love us: Anna…Abigail…and Brady. For their sake…and ours…we need to let go of Father once and for all…and move on with our lives…”

Scene Five

“Scene 5: Chad has set the chip into a paper-lined ashtray. Tony: Do you want to say something? Chad shakes his head, then Tony offers: This man did some terrible things…but I do believe he felt that he did them for love. Chad brings a flame to the paper and it starts to burn… “

Scene Six

“Scene 6: Chad & Tony are looking down at the ashtray as Chad declares: It’s done. The only thing that’s left are ashes. Tony considers this a moment: Yes, but you know what they say about the Phoenix. As we (camera)pan from the smouldering ashes up to Stefano’s portrait… #days #theend”.

Many Positive Tweets Back At Ron Carlivati

There were many positive tweets back to Ron for this transcription, and requests to transcribe other cut scenes that would bring so much understanding to viewers and make some stories make more sense. This scene implies that The Phoenix could yet rise again – and that begs the question, would Dr. Wilhelm Rolf (William Utay) not kept a spare of Stefano’s “essence” for when another appropriate “vessel” might be found to bring him to life again and inhabit? After all, the real Princess Gina Von Amberg (Kristian Alfonso) has been dead for years, and yet this last time was the second time that she was brought back to life inside of Hope!

Stay tuned to Days of Our Lives, and keep checking Days of Our Lives spoilers frequently for all the latest news, updates and developments!

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  1. Matt Crider says

    Has the real Stefano’s body actually died? They assume he did but Rolf confirmed or denied yet

  2. Peter80 says

    It was great that Ron provided these details for the fans.

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