General Hospital News: Vincent Irizarry Open To Bringing All My Children’s Dr. David Hayward to Port Charles

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Vincent Irizarry was thrilled at the idea of bringing his character Dr. David Hayward from “All My Children” to “General Hospital.” The actor expressed his desire to work with his former AMC co-star Finola Hughes once again even if that means crossing over to Port Charles.

Hughes plays the role of Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) on “General Hospital.” Her character was originally from “All My Children” and had a relationship with Irizarry’s alter ego. Anna then debuted on GH and now she’s in a relationship with Hamilton Finn (Micheal Easton). Unfortunately, things aren’t going well with the couple right now and some are wondering if Anna will get a blast from the past through Irizarry’s character, Dr. Hayward.

Is Dr. Hayward Going To Port Charles?

“It would be fantastic to change that! I would love an opportunity to work with Finola Hughes (Anna) again and work with that cast,” Irizarry said in an interview with Soaps in Depth.

He has crossover appeal because of Anna… Our characters were married, we had a child together, and the child died. That was such a dramatic story, and Finola and I had a great working relationship. So I think it would make sense,” the actor said.

Irizarry’s Recent Projects

It was back in 2013 when Irizarry was last seen on the small screen as Dr. Hayward. The actor admitted that he remains “curious” because his character never got a defined ending on AMC.

In 2017, the actor made it clear that he’s open to playing the doctor again because of how the show ended. He said that the soap ran for more than forty years but it didn’t get the ending it deserved. He admitted that they didn’t expect for the show to get go off air for good because they always expected their return.

“So the stories stopped, as it was, frozen in time. There was no resolution with the characters. So at least for me, and the audience, where the character is concerned, if that availed itself, if I had the opportunity to do that, it could potentially give something to the character, and to the show, and to the audience,” the actor said.

“[David] is a doctor, and it’s General Hospital, and considering that he had a child with Anna, considering the fact that he is a doctor — and not just any doctor, but a world-renowned cardiologist, thank you [laughs] — I could see that it would be an easy fit. But… it’s their show and they get to decide what they’re going to do for whatever would be best for their show,” Irizarry explained.

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