The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Dr. Penny Escobar Gets Violent – Flo Unconscious After Huge Blow

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The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that Sally Spectra’s (Courtney Hope) twisted plan literally hits a new low when her enemy is knocked out.

There is no love lost between Sally and Flo Fulton (Katrina Bowden) but Sally didn’t exactly envision stooping to violence to get what she wants—lying and scheming is quite good enough for her!

But violence is exactly what takes place when Sally’s accomplice decides to knock Flo for a loop and now their deception has taken another dark turn.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers – Dr. Escobar throws a mean punch to match her shady bedside manner

Sally’s partner in crime is her friend, Dr. Escobar (Monica Ruiz). The good doctor dreams of designing runway dresses instead of stitching up cuts however. These two concocted a plan to get what they want, in Dr. Escobar’s case a design career and in Flo’s case Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks).

Dr. Escobar is guilty of telling everyone that Sally is dying, and Sally is guilty of piling on too much makeup for that deathly hallows look.

Flo is guilty of snooping in confidential patient records!

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers – Will Sally Spectra repent and admit what she has done now that Flo has been victimized by her scam?

Speaking to Soap Opera Digest, Hope shed some light on where Sally’s mind is following the horrible attack on Flo, “It will come back to bite Sally in the butt, and she knows that. But she really isn’t thinking that far ahead.”

After all Sally wants Wyatt in the worst way, even to the point of pretending to be dying.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers – What’s next for Sally Spectra and Wyatt Spencer?

But Sally’s end game has evolved from when it first started according to Hope. “There is definitely still love but there is also some part of her that just wants to win.” As she notes, poor Sally is sick and tired of coming in second best much of her life—her goal now is to win at all costs.

What does this mean for her relationship with Wyatt? Sally will no doubt try to keep the pretense up, and it’s likely she will come up with a lie to cover Flo’s knockout. But time is running out and after being cold cocked Flu will be more determined that ever to get to the bottom of what Sally is hiding!

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