General Hospital Spoilers: Did Peter Have Holly Killed Or Is Her “Death” Just A Distraction?

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While trying to find evidence against Peter August (Wes Ramsey), Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) got the call that everyone fears. Robert’s ex-wife, Holly Sutton (Emma Samms) has turned up dead. Is Holly dead of is this a distraction to get Robert off Peter’s case?

GH Spoilers: Holly Isn’t The First Person Peter Has Hurt

General Hospital’s Peter wouldn’t think twice about killing Holly. Peter has made Drew Cain (Billy Miller) disappear. Peter put out a hit on Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth). Peter tried to have Andre Maddox (Anthony Montgomery) killed twice. Peter lured his own father to Port Charles and set it up so Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) would kill him. Peter also got his half brother Nathan West (Ryan Paevey) killed as well. Killing Robert’s ex-wife would be nothing for Peter. Let’s be honest, the man was going to kill his mother, Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) until Jason stopped him. Peter will do anything to get what he wants and kill anyone who gets in his way. Peter has proven time and again that he is his father’s son.

General Hospital Spoilers: Could This Be A Distraction?

General Hospital’s Peter called someone and said he wanted Robert distracted. Is it possible that he had Holly kidnapped and then had Robert told she was dead? Peter did allow Jason’s family to believe he was dead for five years. Peter doesn’t care who he hurts to get what he wants. However, Holly has worked with people like Jerry Jacks (Sebastian Roche’) and was married to Robert for years. Holly has learned a lot in her time and could escape if she has been kidnapped. Did Peter contact his old friend Dr. Klein (Gene Farber) and have Holly locked up and drugged somewhere? Could Peter have enough of a conscience not to kill an innocent person?

GH Spoilers: Will Robert Discover The Truth?

General Hospital’s Robert doesn’t trust Peter. Robert knows what Peter has been up to, he just cannot prove it. Now that Holly is supposed to be dead, will Robert connect this to Peter? Robert knows that Peter wants to shut him down. Robert also knows that Peter is responsible for trying to kill Drew and Andre. It is not a far jump for Robert to realize that Peter has done something to Holly. Of course, Anna, the one person who could help Robert, won’t believe anything against Peter. Robert knows he couldn’t trust Anna to be truthful about Peter anyway. Will Robert tie Peter to Holly’s death, or at least her disappearance? Will Robert be kidnapped as well when he goes to find out what happened to Holly?

Whether or not Holly is dead, Robert needs to prove that Peter was involved. Will he find the evidence he needs to do so? Will Peter finally pay for his crimes? Fans will find out soon enough!

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  1. cdh195077 says

    I got a bad feeling that Peter got Holly prisoner somewhere in order to get Robert out of his hair.

  2. Rebecca Thompson says

    I believe that Holly is alright somewhere. I am not sure if this is the distraction that Peter wanted for Robert. I think there is more to this situation. I hope that Robert will find out that Peter is in trouble. I have long thought that Peter could be a DVX agent under their orders which is why he has been doing all these shady things. Peter may be forced to stay in the DVX and can not get out of their organization. The DVX does not let their agents leave easily or at all. The DVX would want to hurt Robert because he has done a lot to mess with them as a WSB agent. Robert would be understanding of Peter if he was under their orders and could not leave because Robert is a spy and understands that life. Robert helped Anna get out the DVX and he and Anna could help Peter get out too. I have also thought that Peter could be under Cyrus control. Cyrus could be ordering Peter to do these shady things in order to keep the ones he cares about safe because Cyrus goes after family members. He would want Drew for his memories of Jason and Sonny. He would want Jason to be distracted so he had Peter frame Sam and mess her deal up. He might want all traces of Drew gone so he wanted Franco and Andre gone. Peter may have framed Liesl just to keep being able to work for Cyrus. I could see Cyrus wanting Holly to try to get Robert to work for him because Robert is the DA. I hope that things will get better. I have wanted Robert and Peter to make peace for Anna. I have even wanted Robert and Anna to be Peter’s real parents. I just want Peter to get back on the road to redemption for Maxie, Anna, and everyone that he cares for.

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