TLC OutDaughtered Spoilers: Adam Busby Accused Of Breaking Social Distancing Rules?

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Some fans of “Outdaughtered” are happy to see Adam Busby and his family having some fun while under quarantine. Some fans suggest that Adam is breaking social-distancing rules by going outside and leaving their yard.

Giving Away A Scooter

Outdaughter’s Adam Busby and wife Danielle Busby wanted to give something away to a kid in need while continuing to practice social distancing. How is giving away a scooter wrong if it gives a child a new means of transportation or at least a distraction, wrong? The five children got a scooter for their birthday and the coupled wanted to give one to another lucky child.

What is wrong with that? People are allowed to get out in some states without requiring everyone to stay completely inside and not see anything. It is also ok to take your children outside and let them run off a little steam from cabin fear as long as you stay away from other people. Parents could also make a science project out of a walk to the park or on a trail beside the lake. Even the parents need a break from computer-based school sometime. Even though Adams has been ridiculed for riding a bike around the lake and taking a trip to Sonic.

Adam Denies Breaking Any Rules

The Outdaughtered star points out that self-quarantine is for people who know they have been exposed to the virus or have the virus. Social distancing is following the six feet apart rule. When Adam had the kids out, did this viewer, who must live close by pay any attention to how are the kids were staying apart from each other?

Did they bother to see if anyone besides the parent and child were in the area? After all, if people are allowed out to pick up food at restaurants or travel to the grocery store, then people are allowed to so out in their back yard or take a walk or ride on a deserted trail.

Are The Kids In Danger?

Does anyone believe that Adam would expose his children to the virus just to get out of the house? Would anyone dare to put their children in the type of danger on purpose? Adam is simply taken his children out and letting them get some fresh air and a little sunlight.

None of this is against any social-distancing laws. Why is this man being attacked for being a good father and allowing his children outside, while supervised to have a little fun? It’s not like the spring breaker on Myrtle Beach, he and the kids weren’t around anyone else at all in the yard or on the trail.

Perhaps people should stop judging others and worry about sticking to the rules themselves.

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