General Hospital Spoilers: Kelly Thiebaud Needs Fans Help To Get GH Filming Again

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Kelly Thiebaud, General hospitalGeneral Hospital’s Kelly Thiebaud who plays the popular bad girl Britt Westbourne urges everyone to please stay home. Everyone realizes that summer is almost here and everyone wants to get out and enjoy it. However, the longer people procrastinate, the longer this is likely to continue.

General Hospital – Kelly Thiebaud Misses Working

General Hospital’s Kelly admits that she missing working just like everyone else. Kelly went as far as to have a video of herself at work playing in the background. Unfortunately, Kelly, like many others cannot work until the country opens back up. Production has been shut down in Hollywood as well as the rest of the country.

Although Kelly has recently been on both GH and DOOL, this doesn’t mean she doesn’t want things back to normal as soon as possible. Even soap stars need to work. Kelly states that “some things take time and we owe it to each other to give this moment just that, time.” The star goes on to say that all of us are missing someone at this time, or need to get to the unemployment offices. We all need to work. But we need to be reminded of the greater good and protect ourselves and each other.

Hopefully General Hospital Filming Will Open Up Soon

General Hospital’s Kelly recently created the adult version of Orpheus’ daughter Zoey Burge on Days of Our Lives. Unfortunately, her stint on GH has been limited because of the shutdown. General Hospital has a few episodes remaining before they run out. With the COVID 19 shut down, executives started adding flashbacks to extend the episodes we have left. Perhaps we will see Britt in some flashbacks as well.

Britt fans can only hope that she would be included in a few of them. After all, Britt has had some interesting interactions in the past. Unfortunately, Kelly’s role as Zoey may not be a long as we hoped since the role has possibly been recast. Kelly could have easily jumped between the two soaps much like Wally Kurth who plays but Justin Kiriakis on Days and Ned Quartermaine on GH.

Will These Changes Affect How Soaps Are Taped?

So far, none of the soaps have released a definite research date because everything has to be approved a little at a time. However, it may be interesting to see how a genre of shows that are about love and drama are going to deal with social distancing. Perhaps Britt will be back soon to play in the sheets with Julian Jerome (William DeVry) and help save her mother from Peter August (Wes Ramsey).

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  1. Mimi says

    It is best everyone stay safe during this pandemic.

  2. Weeza says

    Fans do miss their Soap, and wants to see their favorite story lines and characters, but we need to stay safe, maybe there could be a way they could film doing this Pandemic!

  3. Rebecca Thompson says

    I would like to see Britt come back to stay. I hope that she will reunite with Liesl. I am sure that Liesl will be alright at some point. I hope that the situation with Peter will get better. Peter can make this up to Liesl and Britt. I hope that everyone can come back to stay to film GH sooner rather than later. However it is important that everyone is in a safe place to film again.

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