TLC ‘Counting On’ Spoilers: Anna and Josh Duggar Would Be Living In The Duggar Family Warehouse Long Term

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On “Counting On,” viewers saw Josh and Anna Duggar take their kids and went back to the Duggar family compound after they sold their farmhouse for $285,000. It’s been about a year now since they moved but the couple hasn’t really answered questions directly as to where exactly they are living.

Because their situation remains unclear, fans have started to speculate that the family of eight is living inside a warehouse on the Duggar property. Plus, Anna Duggar’s recent posts on Instagram hinted that they won’t be moving out any time soon.

Anna Shares Home Improvement Photos

Anna Duggar shared some photos of her home improvement projects on Instagram. Take for example the phot of the kitchen backsplash she recently installed. She also shared that she’s been keeping herself busy with online shopping, spring cleaning, and renovating her living space during the quarantine period.

“During this time at home it has given us the “extra” time needed to accomplish some projects! Around here we’ve been organizing, spring cleaning, online shopping, painting & we’ve even updated the kitchen with a rustic tile backsplash!” she said in her Instagram post.

She even urged her followers to share the projects and activities they’ve been up to. All these have led some viewers to believe that her family will be staying in the warehouse for a while without really knowing why.

The Mysterious Move Back To The Duggar Property

Many are still wondering why the couple and their six children moved back to the Duggar property back in the summer of 2019. The couple sold their farmhouse without having a new home to move into. Perhaps they’re still trying to find their perfect home and that’s why they’re still living in the warehouse but it wouldn’t take a year to look for a viable property. Given that they have the money to buy a house, fans are wondering why they still haven’t bought one.

Josh or Anna has not explained why they sold their home and they didn’t say anything about why they moved back to the Duggar property. Some have theorized that Josh has found himself in legal trouble and is believed as being currently investigated by the Department of Homeland Security. All these are just speculations and hopefully, Anna and Josh would eventually tell their side of the story and clear things up once and for all.

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  1. Chanel D. Adams says

    That’s interesting that they’re moving back to the Duggar property. Usually Jim has a house or two lying around that he gives his children for free. I wonder what’s up with that?

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