TLS ‘Outdaughtered’ Spoilers: Danielle Busby Talks Quints And Extra Skin

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“Outdaughter’s” Danielle Busby and Adam Busby are the parents to the only all-girl set of quintuplets in the United States. The couple also has an older daughter, Blayke Danielle is also a fitness buff. “Outdaughtered” allows us a glimpse into the everyday life of the Busbys. Danielle talks candidly about her pregnancy and extra skin left from the birth of the children on her Instagram account.

Danielle’s Food Intake Changed Greatly

“Outdaughter’s” Danielle had to greatly increase her food intake while pregnant with the quints. Danielle has talked on her blog It’s A Buzz World, and Instagram very candidly about her struggles through her pregnancy and her body afterward. Danielle says she found out she was pregnant with quints after fertility treatments.

Danielle knew the preparation for this pregnancy was going to be different than her first pregnancy but wasn’t prepared for how different. Danielle had to go on a 4500 calorie diet to sustain this pregnancy and help her babies to go. She says she had to forget everything about eating clean and healthy foods for the sake of her children. Danielle admits to often eating dessert first just to meet her calorie intake. Danielle says 4500 calories sounds much better in theory than it does in reality because the process is exhausting.

No Body Work

But Danielle and Adam from “Outdaughtered” admit that she has never had any bodywork. Adam and Danielle are huge fitness fans and had their own cycling studio at one time. On top of this, Danielle also came up with her own fitness apparel too, and discussed her workout routine as well. Danielle discusses parts of the house that you can use for exercise. Danielle suggests making use of the stairs and countertops in your workouts to make them more effective.

Unfortunately, fans assume she had a tummy tuck because she bounced back so quickly from having the quintuplets. Adam defends Danielle saying she has never had a tummy tuck but is blessed with good jeans and a great workout ethic. Danielle says a couple of the girls sometimes join her when she works out but they don’t want to join in.

The girls don’t seem to like the way mommy swears doing her workouts. When asked why she didn’t have a lot of extra skin and if she had a tummy tuck after the kids, Danielle says no, she likes working on her core during most workouts and used a lot of creams and oils to help her skin keep its elasticity. Whatever she used, most of us wish we could look that good after one child, let alone five.

Fans really enjoy reading Danielle’s blog and getting workout tips from her. We cannot wait to see what works Danielle comes up with next.

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