The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Eric Learns Quinn Spiked Brooke’s Drink – Kicks Wife To Curb and Demands Divorce

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The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Eric Forrester (John McCook) is already miffed at Quinn Forrester (Rena Sofer). He remains dismayed that his wife would intentionally seek to damage Brooke Logan’s (Katherine Kelly Lang) life and impact her already fragile marriage to his son, Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye).

Quinn continues to stand her ground, saying that Brooke revealed herself through her actions. Sofer’s character also believes that Ridge and Katie Logan (Heather Tom) are better off knowing what their presumed soul mates did and then chose to hide.

Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – Brooke Logan Divides Another Couple

As B&B fans recall, Brooke took comfort in Eric’s arms in the recent past. No one recorded that event, but if Shauna Fulton (Denise Richards) had she would have documented a warm embrace between the one-time Beric.

Brooke and Eric didn’t kiss, but reaffirmed the continued significance of their personal history. Yes, Ridge is Brooke’s true love. But Eric arguably occupies second place in her heart.

Quinn detests Brooke. Sofer’s character recognizes that Eric remains fond of her. McCook’s character has also been open with his wife about the special connection he and Lang’s character share, while also saying that it doesn’t affect Queric.

Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – Divorce Rejection Revisited

Eric flat out told Brooke that he loved Quinn and wasn’t going to divorce her. That came before the cabin kiss upload and before he knew that Quinn purposely fed Brooke alcohol without her knowledge.

Already questioning Quinn’s ethics, Eric will be stupefied when learning that his wife tried to push Brooke off the wagon. And with that Queric would be done, with Quinn suffering the delayed consequences of her own actions.

Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – Thomas Forrester’s Return Creates Unforced Error

Quinn made a major tactical error when she told Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) that she spiked Brooke’s juice bottle with alcohol. Eric’s wife and grandson were fully in sync in wanting to oust Brooke from the family at that point in the storyline.

Thomas left his failed wedding to Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes) holding no ill will toward Quinn, who hadn’t wronged, or spoken against him. And there doesn’t need to be conflict between Thomas and Quinn when he returns in order to force a reveal.

Instead, a simple conversation between both characters about the alcohol spike could be overheard by Eric, fueling his fury and demand to divorce.

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  1. DeeDee93 says

    I hope that the secret does come out since Quinn was wrong to mess with Brooke’s sobriety especially since she was there when Brooke was struggling with her addiction to alcohol.

  2. Weeza says

    Quinn always does something tat will sooner or later come back on her, she was wrong to mess with her drink!

  3. djgreiner59 says

    Yes Quinn needs to be held responsible for this. Her dark side will come out again if Eric dumps her

  4. Rita Rasmussen Stanley says

    i am a relatively new viewer but the more I see of Quinn on the classic episodes they have been running since they ran out of new ones, the more I am convinced she is a gold digger and just flattered the aging Eric into making her his trophy wife – I am surprised she hasn’t killed him or tried to get the money in some other way yet! I hope he keeps his bank accounts in his name only!

    1. AnnieMacfannie says

      Can’t Eric find a woman that hasn’t slept or been married to his son? Eric has a child with Brooke and his son Ridge does also, he was married to her sister, once upon time he and Ridge didn’t know who the daddy was. He knew that Ridge had child with Quinn but he married her anyway. This show can’t seem to find anyone new me or women that hasn’t been married to a family member. Eric is a very judgmental OLD Man and Brooke is a tramp, she has slept with her daughter and sister’s husbands and ever had Hope by her son-in-law. Most of the time I don’t watch this show. I like to watch Steffy but she is not a moral character either. None of them seem to know what MORALS mean! Ridge was married to same woman that Thomas was married. If you ask me they all have dark sides.

      1. Sheila says

        Unless I have missed something, Quinn does NOT have a son with Ridge. Her only child is a spm pf Bill a son of Bill Spencer. Who is her child with Ridge that you say she has?

  5. Kenya Sanders says

    its over quinn get her out

  6. Kenya Sanders says

    take flo and sahauna on with quinn

  7. KJ says

    Story lines have been terrible. Who signed marriage certificate, especially when Ridge was so drunk? Handwriting would never be legible. Time to change the writers & story lines. Write something that is real, not garbage!

    1. Patricia says

      I’m sick and tierd with that story line the truth has to come out sooner than later PLEASE hurry it up!

    2. Lynne Jones says

      Sick of this storyline!!!

    3. Marilyn Velazquez Green says

      Awesome! I didn’t even THINK of that! I was more on the how the hell did they bypass the waiting period by filing papers in the middle of the night with a judge that Carter apparently has at his beck and call…

  8. Shirley Cain says

    I think Quinn needs to get what she deserves because she never stop meddling. So now its time for her to be without you think she would have changed but not.

  9. Kenya Sanders says

    this is old

  10. djgreiner59 says

    I am sick of Quinn and Shauna. Please ship them both back to Vegas. They are getting on my last nerves !

  11. Lilian l Shulyaker says

    I am sick of old fool Eric. His talks about intimacy are stupid.

  12. Rose V says

    I thought Sheila was the one that got Brooke drinking alcohol when she changed the labels on the
    Champagne bottle. Was this Quinn event after or before Sheila came back on the scene?

  13. Rose V says

    How about a happily married family and not to each other line. Bring in
    Some new victims! Then have a free for all. Yes,the original characters
    Are aging. …but the next generation are fast learners..

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