General Hospital Spoilers: Nelle’s Revenge – Bobby & Monica Lose Their License Because of Lawsuit Against GH? Michael Shattered!

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General Hospital: Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier)General Hospital (GH) spoilers suggest that if the evil Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier) wins her medical malpractice suit against General Hospital, both Monica Quartermaine (Leslie Charleson) and Bobbie Spencer (Jacklyn Zeman) could lose their jobs. GH fans know that Nelle was actually correct in filing the suit since both Monica and Bobbi did things that really would get medical professionals fired.

General Hospital Spoilers – Monica Quartermaine Is Condescending

One doesn’t have to be on “Team Nelle” to know that Monica Quartermaine wasn’t exactly the picture-perfect image of an impartial doctor recently. When Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) brought his son, Wiley Cooper-Jones (Erik and Theo Olson) into General Hospital with a heart problem, Monica recommended a battery of tests for the kid. What the doctors ended up discovering was the fact that Wiley had a hole in his heart, a genetic condition that could be fixed with elective surgery.

Now, GH fans know that when Nelle was told about the problem and the fact that it was elective surgery, she refused to sign the parental waiver that would allow Wiley to have immediate surgery. The truth is, that was completely within her rights as a parent. Without the court stripping Nelle of her rights and granting them all to Michael, she wasn’t beyond the bounds of what she could legally do.

With that said, Nelle didn’t even want something strange. Nelle wanted a second opinion before Wiley’s chest was cut open. Many GH fans who are parents might have found themselves at least somewhat in agreement with Nelle at that point.

However, Monica came along and treated Nelle like Nelle was a simple-minded fool who didn’t know, didn’t understand, anything at all! Why Monica has colleagues all around the world and all of them would testify that Monica’s word when it came to surgery might as well be God’s. Didn’t Nelle know that?

GH Spoilers – Bobbi  Spencer Breaks The Law

Monica might have behaved like an elitist Neanderthal, but it was actually Bobbi who broke the law. Viewers know that once Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) had locked Nelle up on the roof of General Hospital, and she’d forged Nelle’s signature on the parental consent form for Wiley’s elective surgery, Bobbi took the hard copy and shredded it. Therefore, there was no evidence that Carly had forged anything! (Never mind the fact that if a private investigator had gone through the trash, the pieces of that paper could have been put together again.)

Regardless, the point is that Bobbi broke the law and denied a parent her legal rights. Therefore, many GH fans might agree that Nelle was perfectly within her rights to sue General Hospital and to name at least Bobbi as a defendant within that suit.

General Hospital Spoilers – Bobbi Spencer And Monica Quartermaine Keep Their Jobs

Now, the truth is that neither Monica nor Bobbi are likely to lose their jobs or their licenses. Even if Nelle wins her malpractice suit, most hospitals have a committee that has likely monitored both Monica’s as well as Bobbi’s previous records.

That committee might fire Bobbi and it might revoke certain privileges Monica has been used to … but it doesn’t mean that Bobbi can’t get a job elsewhere, and it doesn’t mean that Monica will lose her license to practice medicine.

The impact of Nelle’s lawsuit on Monica’s malpractice insurance premium is a different story altogether.

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  1. cdh195077 says

    Nelle truly believe that she will destroy both Bobbie and Monica life as a nurse and doctor but she will discover the two ladies that they got the love and support of the GH staff. I still believe that Nelle latest plan will backfire.

  2. Matt Crider says

    Bobbi and Monica are paragons in Port Charles these days. Yes, Bobbi did a sneaky thing by destroying the consent form but it might just have saved Wiley’s life

  3. Tina Greer says

    Why? I thought you were going to redeem Nelle. I was truly hoping for a Nelle redemption. Writers asked our opinion about a Nelle redemption and I truly was hoping for Nelle to be redeemed. I was also hoping for Willow and Nelle to be Nina’s daughters. There are some of us that like Nelle.

    1. Sara Smith says

      you make a good point–not everyone dislikes Nelle. She will probably turn out to be Nina’s daughter.

  4. Rita Rasmussen Stanley says

    Nelle might have to have a lobotomy to be redeemed!

  5. Maggie Ann says

    Nelle’s ass needs to be dead. that bitch doesn’t care about Wiley she never has

  6. Ann Marie Blon says

    Nelle should be able to be a mother to her son.

  7. Peter80 says

    Bobbi and Monica might not escape the consequences of their actions.

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