General Hospital Spoilers: Nelle Wins Custody Of Wiley – Sasha & Chase Freak They Blew Up Their Lives For Nothing?

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General Hospital Spoilers: Nelle Wins Custody Of Wiley - Sasha & Chase Freak They Blew Up Their Lives For Nothing?ABC General Hospital spoilers and updates suggest that the evil Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier) could surprise everyone and win custody of her biological son, Wiley Cooper-Jones (Erik and Theo Olson). If that happens, GH fans know that there are people like Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) and Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson) who will probably go out of their minds with regret.

General Hospital Spoilers – Nelle Wins Wiley

GH viewers know that a lot of people including Michael Corinthos’s (Chad Duell) mom, Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright), Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen), Sasha, Chase … literally a ton of others … all want to put a stop to Nelle Benson’s outrageous claim to Wiley. Apparently, that’s easier said than done, and in the end, many GH characters will be proven to be full of hot air if and when Nelle wins her child custody battle against Michael.

To put insult to injury, some GH fans have even pointed out the possibility that Nelle will use Chase and Sasha’s insane plot to put Michael together with Willow as a weapon in court. The very manipulative scheme Chase and Sasha carried out so altruistically could be the hammer that nails Michael’s chances to the wall.

General Hospital Spoilers – Chase and Sasha Cry Some More

Now, GH fans watched as Chase and Sasha pretended to have an affair with each other. They made sure that Willow walked in on them while they were partially undressed and making out like teens on the living room sofa. They implied to Willow that they might have already “gone all the way.” Willow left Chase’s apartment in tears, and then GH viewers watched as both Chase and Sasha broke down in tears as well.

Ah well, Chase and Sasha’s stupid plan was all for the greater good. Right? Now Willow and Michael will get together and be wonderful parents to little Wiley and they’ll all live happily ever after. Right? Not so fast.

First, Chase and Sasha didn’t even consider the fact that Michael and Willow might not get married despite their obvious connection through Wiley. There’s simply no guarantee Michael will marry Willow. What if Michael discovers (shockingly) that he has other options to win his case against Nelle? Secondly, if Michael marries Willow and Nelle still wins custody of Wiley … what then? All of Chase and Sasha’s fine intentions might as well be flushed right down the toilet!

Sasha has already expressed extreme regret over her actions. Chase has been stoic, but everyone knows he wishes Willow was still in his bed. If Chase and Sasha learn to their horror that they ruined their respective relationships for nothing … who knows what kind of drastic actions either might take. Imagine Chase and Sasha’s tears then!

General Hospital Spoilers – Chase and Sasha are Bitter

The truth is, no matter what happens with Michael’s custody case, Chase and Sasha both may end up quote bitter over the whole thing. Of course, neither Chase nor Sasha will have anyone to blame for their lonely lives but themselves. Oh sure, Chase and Sasha will probably move on. Whether they move on with each other or with someone new, it’s likely that memories will haunt Chase and Sasha for a long time to come.

Chase especially might not be able to forget. After all, he’s repeatedly talked about the fact that he believes Willow is the love of his life. One doesn’t move on from a love like that willy nilly and Chase may not ever be able to manage it. Moreover, Chase will have lost his best friend.

If Nelle wins, some GH fans believe that Chase and Sasha might do better to move out of Port Charles and find a way to start their lives over altogether.

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  1. Sara Smith says

    Wow if it backfired on Sasha and Chase imagine the regret–silly move anyway.

    1. Jynx0854/shilo0854 says

      The only reason I liked Sasha & Chase was I get Michael with Willow. I don’t like Sasha or Chase so they can go ride off into the sunset. I want Willow & Michael to fall in love.

      1. donna brown says

        can`t stand willow she needs to ride off into the sunset and the way i feel about michael right now he can go along. he wasn`t even man enough to make up his own mind .his mother did for him.

    2. donna brown says

      they already do

  2. LBC says

    Why would writers put the couples through all of this pretense and then allow Nelle to get full custody. The whole idea was way beyond crazy to start with and now this spoiler?? What other dumb thing will happen in this story line??

    1. Cathy Landers says


  3. Jojo says

    I think that Nelle doesn’t need to win custody, she has lied and manipulated so many people, let Micheal raise his child, let Dr.liesel come back to court and let everyone know she delivered a healthy baby boy, and Brad should be brought back so he can let everyone know that Nelle has been lied all along…. Nelle can’t raise willey you don’t do these things to your children, now don’t get me wrong I love the way the character of Nelle is played but she doesn’t deserve this child.

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