Billy Miller Coming Back to General Hospital? Drew Cain Back To Port Charles?

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General Hospital spoilers show that diehard Billy Miller fans have never stopped wondering if he and his character, Drew Cain, are coming back to GH. Not only was he a fan fave, but his exit was also boo-hooed by viewers who thought he got the shaft. Would GH be willing to correct some wrongs (as far as fans go), and bring the charming and talented actor back into the fold?

Believe it or not there were rumblings of just such a thing happening prior to production being shut down on the show. The shutdown was a result of coronavirus precaution mandates and now the show is in an indefinite hiatus because it has run out of original episodes. From this point forward the show will air repeats until it can once again start taping new content.

So, what’s this we hear about a rumor that Billy was set to return prior to the shutdown?

General Hospital Spoilers – Is Billy Miller Coming Back to GH?

The online universe was awash with the news that a reliable source intimated that a return of a major fan fave male character was being discussed and could have been in the pipeline prior to the COVID-19 shutdown.

There is no official word about such a move, nor that it would have involved Billy Miller. Yet all signs point to it being a good possibility, if speculation is true, that he would be a top candidate to return.

General Hospital spoilers – Is Billy Miller Coming Back to Port Charles?

Whatever the action was prior to the coronavirus pandemic, it may be that the plans have been shut down like production has been, along with everything else in the world at this point.

If General Hospital is off the air with no return date, it just doesn’t make sense to enter into an agreement with an actor for a return.

General Hospital spoilers – Billy Miller could return as Drew Cain?

There was not a proper (in soap terms) goodbye accorded Billy Miller and his character Drew Cain. One day viewers heard him saying he was leaving town for a bit then they were told his plane apparently crashed, and no survivors were located.

It is thought that devious Peter August (Wes Ramsey) is responsible for the crash and he has a whole lot of other things to reckon for as well.

Will the show bring him back to say goodbye, and maybe reunite with Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco)? Anything is possible on soaps!

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  1. Rebecca Thompson says

    I hope that Drew comes back to GH. I have not liked that Peter had something to do what happened to Drew. It would help his situation out greatly if Drew came back. I also really miss Drew and his relationships. I miss seeing Drew with Franco, Liz, Monica, Sam, Scout, Curtis, and others. I believe that Drew has much that he can do right now. He can help Jason and Sam to protect Scout from Cyrus. I am not sure if they would make a love triangle with Jason, Sam, and Drew. If not then Drew could get paired with Portia, Harmony, Hayden, or maybe Jordan if something happens with Jordan and Curtis. I really hope that Billy Miller comes back as Drew.

  2. Sara Smith says

    Drew can come back and save Sam from her drama and get her back on track.

    1. jessie attaway says

      Never though I’d say this because I’ve been a Jasam fan from day one, but this last year or so has deluged my alliance to them a a couple. Hetero say it but she had way more chemistry with Drew than Jason this go around. Sam keeps doing dumbass things that keep her away from Jason, ergo, Jason away from the kids. Sam used to be a beautiful, force to be reckoned with. Now she’s can’t get out if her own way and she’s just looking old and washed out.

  3. Redrage502 says

    It’s not that I don’t have a life. I do…pretty much.
    But Billy Miller came from Y&R to be Jason because Steve Burton left to go to Y&R.
    Suddenly “Oh I Changed My Mind” Burton came back to be Jason. And Billy, who brought a gentle kinder dynamic to Jason,
    got shafted.
    I’ve been miserable about him since he left.
    I want him back; and I’m one of a LARGE number of fans!

  4. brenda johnson says

    Don’t need Billy back he is so boring he brings nothing to the show.Sam needs no saving from Drew he made her weak.

    1. LBC says

      I have to agree with you – the introduction of Jake Doe turned Jason, turned Drew did something to the Sam character. I never saw chemistry between Sam/Drew except when she felt he was Jason. Then writers put her on this long separation from Jason story and she hasn’t had chemistry with Jason either. Maybe neither of these two men are for Sam at this stage of her life.

  5. LBC says

    If Billy does return to GH then viewers can squash all of the rumors regarding his departure. If he was treated as most of his loyal fans want to believe, I can’t see him returning under any circumstance. But if the circumstances of which we the viewers will never know, then he may consider a return if even just to wrap up the character and give him a chance to say good bye to all. Another wait and see situation.

  6. Courtney says

    Gh should have had the most epic triangle in all daytime but never once allowed Sam to have any reflection on her life with Drew and her kids. WHY? Too much competition? It’s been over 2 yrs and Jason and Sam are clearly not working this time around. We saw Sam grow without Jason and flourish with NuJason/Drew. It’s time for Billy Miller to return as Drew, come back for Sam and his family and give viewers the love story that should have been the endgame.

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