Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Justin Needs A Sign – Asks Dead Wife For Blessing – But He Has Competition!

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Justin Needs A Sign - Asks Dead Wife For Blessing - But He Has Competition!Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Justin Kiriakis (Wally Kurth) goes to Adrienne Kiriakis’ (Judi Evans) grave following the explosive face-off with Orpheus (George DelHoyo). He asks the dead woman for her blessing as he plans on proposing to Kayla Brady (Mary Beth Evans). The actor also explains that Justin is searching for a sign that this is the right thing to do.

Justin Kiriakis’ Emotional Explosion

DOOL spoilers previously teased there would be an emotional explosion. However, viewers didn’t realize it would be Justin. Normally calm, cool, collected, and reasonable, we saw a very different version of the character on Tuesday’s episode.

Now that it is out of his system, what is next for Justin?

DOOL Spoilers: Requesting Blessing

In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, Kurth explained that Justin knows the truth now about Adrienne’s death. He wants to move on with his life, which means proposing to Kayla. However, he wants to make sure that Adrienne would be okay with that. Despite her being deceased, he still goes to her gravesite and asks for her blessing.

Searching For a Sign

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Justin doesn’t just go to Adrienne’s grave to ask for her blessing. He is also looking for a sign that marrying Kayla is the right thing to do. He must get some reassurance, if not from his dead wife, then from someone else. It is teased that Justin and Sonny Kiriakis (Freddie Smith) have a heartfelt chat at the gravesite.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Proposing To Kayla Brady

In the days ahead, expect Steve “Patch” Johnson (Stephen Nichols) to decide that he’s not going to let Kayla go after all. He races to tell Kayla that he still loves her, but stops in his tracks. What forces him to press the pause button? Justin down on one knee proposing to Kayla.

Now, will Steve back off or could he end up telling Kayla how he really feels? If and when that happens, which man will Kayla choose? It seems that this love triangle is far from over.

Who do you think Kayla is better off within the end? Should she stick with Justin, who is known for his stability? Or is she better off with passionate, but rollercoaster Steve? We will have to keep watching the NBC soap opera to see which man she eventually chooses.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with DOOL right now. Come back here often for Days of Our Lives spoilers, news, and updates.

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  1. Lincoln says

    Steve! Justin is boring, whiny & selfish as you know what. Together they are a snooze.

    1. Lane says

      Yup Justin is totally dull, inane, childish, whinny, selfish and now codependent often irrational.
      Kayla has become his mama, she must constantly stroke his ego, tend to his insecurities and listen to his ridiculous ramblings. As for Adrienne that was appalling at the so called grave. He cared not when he left her funeral to chase down Kayla and move on her. Suddenly a year later he remembers her and asks permission to replace her brother and erase him. Im sure she would approve right? Like she never cared about the brother who was there for her in the worst of times? Justin is delusional. So is Kayla.
      Why not give Steve a better story. He is a superb actor, while the the other guy is so lame and mediocre. As for Kayla well her constant me me me stuff needs to be obliterated.

  2. Sara Smith says

    Justin can’t let go of Adrienne and that spells trouble for Kayla.

  3. Jamie says

    Justin is as delusional as anyone could be. Adrienne was Steve’s sister and he was there for her at the very worst point in her life. She loved him. She would never condone Justin taking his life and replacing him. As for Justin himself he is not only delusional but infantile, ridiculous and boring as any could be. Next to Stephen Nichols the acting is coming off sub par and mediocre. Nichols is superb.
    As for Kayla she seems to have emerged as the True Stepford woman now mama to an aging and very spoiled baby.

  4. Rem says

    Never saw a more boring pair than Justin and Kayla! There is a reason Justin has done nothing for over 20 years, he is so dreary and dull. There is a huge difference when Stephen Nichols is on. Talent shows. But honestly Kayla seems like a ruined character now. She stands for nothing, no values, just banal false flattery. I think Steve could do better. This story of Kayla and Justin so phony and conceived on Adrienne’s Grave even worse. No Justin only an idiot would think Adrienne would want you to replace Steve!

  5. Rem says

    Justin and Kayla are I’ll conceived insulting coming from Adrienne’s funeral. Justin delusional thinking Adrienne would want him to take Steve’s place she loved Steve! As for Kayla I truly dislike her since this storyline. She became quite a bitch but also a mindless pod person with Justin. Steve could do better than these 2.

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