General Hospital Spoilers: Elizabeth Betrayed – Ava & Franco Make an Awesome Yet Uber Creepy Couple?

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General Hospital Spoilers: Ava and Franco Make an Awesome Yet Uber Creepy Couple?ABC General Hospital spoilers and updates suggest that since Ava Cassadine (Maura West) and Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) were good once before, there is little to stop them from becoming a power couple now. GH fans know that things seem to be moving toward a romance between Ava and Franco as their respective relationships appear to move toward a collapse.

General Hospital Spoilers – Ava Needs Respite from Nikolas

While many GH fans believe that Ava has a deep-seated, unrequited love for her emotionally distant husband, Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma), her relationship could easily go the way of the Dodo. That’s because at some point, Ava’s loveless marriage will be intruded upon by infidelity. Either she or Nikolas will be tempted beyond the point of resistance and one or the other will fall into the arms of someone who is not his or her spouse. For Ava, the most obvious choice at the moment is Franco.

GH viewers may remember that Ava and Franco were lovers at one time. Even now, viewers know that Franco and Ava share some sort of chemistry. Perhaps this is only the connection that many long-time friends share, but many believe it’s based on the love Franco and Ava once exchanged.

General Hospital Spoilers – Ava and Franco are Needy Creepy

If the truth is told, many GH fans might agree that Ava and Franco are both creepers. Franco and Ava both display a level of neediness that’s not healthy in normal relationships. Perhaps Ava and Franco have an excuse however. GH viewers know that Franco and Ava have both experienced extreme heartache and rejection in the past. Because of their past emotional trauma, Ava and Franco both seem to emotionally suck the air from a room. Both Ava and Franco have gaping wounds in their souls that may never be completely filled, and both seem constantly and silently to scream, “Please love me!”

It’s not necessarily a pretty picture to imagine to extremely needy people like Ava and Franco together. On the other hand, it’s possible that Ava and Franco could help heal one another … at least to an extent. After all, these two GH characters seem to support each other in a multitude of situations in which their respective partners only spurn them.

Moreover, Franco is incredibly talented when it comes to his art, and combined with Ava’s talent for public relations and branding along with the visibility of her gallery the two could take Port Charles by storm.

General Hospital Spoilers – Franco and Ava are Good Together

Many GH viewers might agree that whether Ava and Franco get together romantically or not, they could make a good team. If not in romance, then in business, Franco and Ava could support one another in significant ways. Franco, of course, needs a financial windfall. Ava may not be hurting for cash, but certainly adding Franco’s portfolio to her gallery could boost Ava’s reputation as well as the overall value of her collections.

Bottom line? GH fans believe that Franco and Ava might be better off together than they are with their current partners.

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  1. Sandra J Pilipanko says

    wow, I dont like the plot if they have liz cheat on franco. Now franco to cheat with ava I can see that coming. Liz knows the consequences of cheating and how it feels to be cheated on.If pairing Franco with Ava is what the writers are wanting to do then why not have Liz paired with Drew Cane when he returns or even with lucky.

    1. Melita E.Pitts says

      Because after everyone else,(including Sam),had thrown Drew away,only Liz and Curtis remained friends with him!!!!! And Franco,because Drew was raised with Franco ,and saved Franco from that child molester!!!!!

  2. Rebecca Thompson says

    I want Liz and Franco to stay together. I want them to figure out what Ava and Nikolas have been doing and turn the tables on them. Then Liz and Franco can try to put Ava and Nikolas together as a real couple. However if Ava and Nikolas were not to be a real couple in the end I would want Ava to be with Scott. I believe that Scott has cared about Ava and wanted more. I would want Liz and Franco to have a daughter instead and stay together as a family with Cameron, Aiden, and Jake.

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