Coronation Street Spoilers: When Will Older Actors Return To The Set? Actress Shares Filming Update

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Coronation StreetITV Coronation Street spoilers and updates reveal like other television shows, was forced to halt production due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now, everyone is ready to get back to work. Unfortunately, those who are of advanced age have to wait a bit longer. This includes several Corrie cast members. So, when will they be allowed to film scenes again?

Coronation Street Spoilers – Coronavirus: High-Risk Factors Include Age

COVID-19 caused a global health crisis and the majority of the world shut down to try and contain the virus. It has been over three months now and people are just starting to get back to work. However, not everyone can get back to business — at least, not right away. There are individuals who are considered high-risk and this includes older adults.

This means that some Corrie cast members won’t be able to film new scenes right now, including Maureen Lipman, who portrays Evelyn Plummer.

Coronation Street Spoilers – Lockdown Struggles

Chatting with Lorraine Kelly on Good Morning Britain, Lipman explained that the lockdown isn’t just making some people stir-crazy. There are also financial issues happening due to people not being able to work. Lipman explained that many actors take jobs in between acting assignments. A popular choice seems to be waiting for tables. But with restaurants closed and social distancing guidelines, that makes it tougher to earn money.

Coronation Street Spoilers – When Will Older Actors Return To The Set?

Coronation Street spoilers reveal that soaps are going to get creative in order to follow the safety regulations. Besides social distancing, taking child actors off the canvas for a bit, and periodic testing, there is another challenge.

Older actors can’t return to film new scenes for the time being. So, when can we expect the soap veterans to return? Lipman couldn’t give a guaranteed date but thinks it might be around September.

Coronation Street spoilers – Maureen Lipman Gives Filming Update

According to Digital Spy, there will be a time jump when new episodes of the ITV soap air. There will be references to the coronavirus pandemic. It will probably also be revealed what has happened to the older characters, as well as the children.

What do you think of what Maureen Lipman said about when older actors might return to the set? Do you have any ideas on how the soap will explain the missing children and elderly characters? The storylines will be changed a bit when necessary due to the filming restrictions. When we find out more, we will share those developments and updates with you.

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