The Bold And the Beautiful News Update: Katrina Bowden Shares Magical Encounter

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The Bold And The Beautiful: Katrina Bowden (Flo Fulton)The Bold and the Beautiful star, Katrina Bowden, has been treating fans to videos on Instagram by launching her own series by the name of Katrina’s Confessions. So far, she has done six episodes and recently came out with a seventh episode by the name of Magic Encounter.

She uses this series to talk about past experiences she has had, and this one was entertaining to hear about as well. In her story, she talks about how she was in New York as a teenager before she landed her role on 20 Roick as TK. She had just left a casting session when she noticed that a man has been following her around while she was talking down the streets of New York. She stated in the confession video, “I noticed a guy on a motorbike driving a little slowly. He stopped, gets off [the bike], and …parks it.”

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – Katrina Bowden’s Run-in

In order to see if she was really being followed, she decided to take a few turns and noted that he was indeed following behind her. Thinking quickly, she decided to go to a cafe and was going to order an iced tea. When she did, he followed her inside and went into line two people behind her. She decided that she would go into the restroom to see if the mystery man would give up.

However, after coming out, she saw that the man was still there, and she went back into line with him right behind her. Suddenly, the man tapped on her shoulder in order to start a conversation with her. He would go on to ask her if she was a model, in which she tried to brush him off by giving him a one-word answer. In the video, she stated, “Yes. End of conversation. Read the signs, dude.”

B&B Spoilers- Katrina Bowden’s New Story to Tell

However, the man did not give up as he explained that he was a well-known magician who was looking for models who would help him with some of his acts, which would be airing on TV. She would go on to say that she did not really have knowledge about who was who in the magic world. “I was 17.

I wasn’t into ‘who’s cool in the magic world.’” At this point, she wanted to continue on with her day, but the guy decided to give her his card. The card read “David Blaine,” a well-known magician who entered a water tank in New York’s Lincoln Centre. The card did pique her interest, and she kept the card as a funny story.

She got her opportunity to tell the story while filming Season 1 of 20 Rock, where Blaine’s name was brought up. She told the story and then brought in the business card. This would cause the name to be written into an episode of the show. We’ll give you updates as other B&B news comes in. Stay tuned to the CBS soap, and don’t forget to check CTS often for the latest Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, updates, and news.

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