Could Megxit Cause Australia To Rid Themselves Of The British Monarchy For Good

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Prince Harry And Meghan MarkleAmazingly, when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were still full, senior members of the British Royalty they were reportedly well received in Australia. In fact, according to the Australian press, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex helped quell a surge of support for Republicanism in the Land Down Under.

For those who don’t know, Australia is a constitutional monarchy. However, there is a movement, called “Republicanism” that seeks to change Australia’s system of government to that of a republic, a form of government in which the country is considered a “public matter”, and not the private concern or property of the rulers.

Now, reports indicate that when Harry and Meghan Markle were down eating vegemite sandwiches, support for republicanism fell sharply. In fact, while Harry and Meghan toured Sydney, a poll showed the political movement at an all-time, 25 year low. That all began to change, however, with Megxit. In fact, when Harry and Meghan announced that they planned to take a step back from their royal duties, and indeed cease being senior members of the British royal family altogether, Australia saw a tidal wave of support for a change in government coming from a younger demographic.

Many of these young people in Australia saw Harry and Meghan defy Buckingham palace. Harry and Meghan’s rebellion was seen as a gift, a “power to the people” kind of moment for Australians who want to rid themselves of the British monarchy for good. Many in Australia see absolutely no need for the involvement of Queen Elizabeth or of England at all in Australia’s internal affairs.

As the leader of the Australian Republican movement was reported to have said if staying in The Firm isn’t even important to someone like Harry who was born and raised in the British Royal family, how can anyone expect others far away from Britain to believe that the Royal family is relevant whatsoever?

To make the image even more apropos, like America and now in some ways, Australia, Harry has divorced himself from the British Royalty. Harry can no longer carry around his former royal titles and of his own accord, Harry set out to become financially independent of the Crown.

Some fans of Harry and Meghan may find themselves nodding in agreement with this Australian political figure. After all, Prince Harry grew up amazingly privileged and yet he has turned his back on Britain in many respects and is now making his home in America. Prince Harry’s actions are hardly the image of a man in love with royal life!

In the same way, America fought for its independence from England, politically and financially. America is a constitutional republic. Now, some fans of the royals are shaking their heads in wonder at the thought that it could be “megxit,” and the entire example that Prince Harry and Meghan have set, that causes Australia finally to follow America’s example, albeit in a much more peaceful fashion.

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