Prince Andrew Said This Shocking Thing About His Childhood!

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 Prince AndrewPrince Andrew has always had his mom, Queen Elizabeth to fall back on when times got tough. He is said to be her favorite and she recently showed that preference when she intervened in a couple of matters for his benefit. How has he repaid her beneficence?

Some think that he is not doing her any favors, to put it mildly, by how he is handing the Ghislaine Maxwell/Jeffrey Epstein situation.

But to his credit, Andrew did step up on at least one occasion to defend his mom from criticism.

How Did Prince Andrew Step Up To Have His Mom’s Back?

Ironically, the criticism was leveled at her by her other son, Prince Charles. Unfortunately, Charles took the opportunity to criticize his mom’s parenting skills in public, displaying very questionable manners.

Yet it was Andrew who ran to her defense. In a surprising interview, the prince was very gallant in regard to his mom.

Andrew’s birth was a surprise to the public; perhaps he was a bonus baby? That’s because he was born a decade after Princess Anne and his appearance set off speculation that his parents had staved off reported marital problems.

Because of his supposed “happy conception”, he is viewed as his mom’s favorite and many believe she has bent over backward to accommodate him.

Does The Queen Play Favorites Among Her Children?

How did Andrew show that he has his mom’s back? in 2020 Andrew spoke to Tatler to say that he thinks of his childhood as “perfect.” That’s really sweet, and it’s certain that the queen took his words to heart; doesn’t every parent wish to give their children a wonderful childhood?

He went on, “Particularly at Balmoral in the summer, when we were all there together. I remember so many little things, adventures, like riding my tricycle aged four or five at Windsor and turning it over and pulling a great hole in my knee.”

“Or my first road-traffic accident in a go-kart when I was 12 — I found myself wedged between two trees.”

The article’s author Geordie Greig said that Andrew, “was certainly the most independent of his siblings at an early age.”

Perhaps That Renegade Spirit Is Now Coming Back To Haunt Him?

Because of his tawdry friendship with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, Andrew has been removed from public royal duties and his sponsors have dropped him. But at least he had a happy childhood.

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