General Hospital Spoilers: Who Should Maxie Be With Once Peter Is Gone? Vote Now!

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General Hospital: Maxie Jones (Kirstin Storms)General Hospital’s Maxie Jones (Kirstin Storms) needs a new man. Peter August (Wes Ramsey) is eventually going to be exposed and taken down. Who should Maxie be with?

Harrison Chase Is Free

General Hospital’s Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) is free now that Willow Tait (Katelynn MacMullen) is married to Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell). However, Maxie has very bad luck with cops. Maxie has seen three officers buried and she certainly doesn’t need another one. Would Maxie consider loving a cop again?

Dante Falconeri Is Returning Home

General Hospital’s Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) is returning to Port Charles. Dante is another cop, that puts him in a bed light already. Dante is also Maxie’s best friend’s ex-husband. Maxie and Lulu Spencer (Emme Rylan) often go after the same type of man. Maxie could find herself attracted to Dante now that he’s free. However, it is unlikely that Maxie would date Dante. Dante finds Maxie annoying and probably would not want to be with her either. Could Maxie and Dante give romance a try?

Chet Driscoll Asked Maxie Jones Out Before

General Hospital’s Chet Driscol (Chris Van Etten) was attracted to Maxie but she chose to date Peter instead. However, Chet may still be interested if he’s still in Port Charles. Chet wanted to date Maxie, not use her. Peter has done mother but use Maxie and hide behind her. Maxie needs a man who will put her first and Peter is not it. Will Maxie give Chet a chance to be there for her? Can Maxie and Chet have a future together after Peter? Is Chet still interested after being brushed off?

Damien Spinelli Loves Maxie Jones

General Hospital’s Damien Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) loves Maxie and wants to protect her. Spinelli has warned Maxie about Peter from the start. Maxie doesn’t want to hear anything about Peter from anyone. Now that Maxie may be pregnant with Peter’s child, she’s going to be more determined not to believe anything against him. Can Spinelli convince Maxie that Peter is not the man for her? Will Maxie turn to Spinelli once the truth about Peter comes out?

Michael Corinthos And Maxie  Jones Have Chemistry

General Hospital’s Michael and Maxie have chemistry. However, Michael is currently married. If Michael loses custody of Jonas Quartermaine Corinthos (Theo and Eric Olson), he and Willow won’t need to stay married. Will Michael and Willow divorce after the custody battle? Will Maxie and Michael bond over their children?

Could Michael and Maxie make it as a couple if they were together? Maxie and Michael have about the same chemistry as she and Spinelli. Perhaps Maxie and Michael deserve a chance.

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  1. Rebecca Thompson says

    Maxie and Peter need to find a way to stay together and raise their child with James and Georgie. Spinelli is very happy with Ellie. Maxie and Spinelli work better as friends and co-parents. Chet is hardly around and Maxie has already turned him down for Peter. Maxie never needs to get with Chase or Dante because they are cops. Maxie has already been paired with three other cops that died in different ways. Dante is more than likely going to get back with Lulu or maybe even end up with Brook Lynn. Michael and Chase are already in a mess with Sasha and Willow. Michael needs to get back with Sasha and Chase needs to get back with Willow. Michael and Maxie would not work anyway because she was a teenager when Michael was still a child at one point.

  2. LBC says

    Why are we even discussing who Maxie will be paired with when Peter is gone??? As of now, it does not appear that Peter is going anywhere anytime soon unless something dramatic happens very soon.

  3. Tina Greer says

    Maxie would have been good with Chet. Now though I would choose someone new because Maxie is too high-strung for Chase or Brando.

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