Queen Elizabeth Chooses To Ignore Prince Harry’s Rudeness?

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Just how close are Prince Harry and his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth? Very close according to his new blockbuster bio set to debut on August 11. In Finding Freedom we get a glimpse into Harry’s interactions with his grandmother and the examples are quite revealing.

At the moment the talk has turned to their tense relationship but there was a time when Harry and the queen had no beef between them.

Harry And His Grandmother Were Once Enjoyed A Peaceful And Uncomplicated Relationship

After his mom Princess Diana died suddenly and tragically, Harry was said to be able to turn to his grandmother as a source of support. Both he and his brother, Prince William, went to many events with the Queen and of course, participated in the family get-togethers, Christmas services, weddings, and birthday celebrations.

This cozy scenario between them came to a grinding halt this year as Harry executed a series of brash actions that seems a direct and premeditated slap in the face of his family.

Will Harry And The Queen’s Relationship Survive?

The biggest throwdown was Megxit, his excruciatingly public rejection of his family and country. The world bit into the drama like a wasp on a juicy picnic burger.

It has been reported that impudent Harry blindsided his devoted gran, yet his bio Finding Freedom claims that, “the Queen was still one of the most important women in his life.”

As an example the book included details of a private lunch on March 1 where no titles were used between them, it was just plain old grandma and Harry.

Did Harry And Meghan Cooperate With Omid Scobie And Caroline Durand On Finding Freedom?

For the record, it is this type of intimate detail that causes royal watchers to claim that Harry and Meghan had to have given information to the book’s authors, thereby cooperating with them. For the record, the lawsuit-happy pair deny participating in the making of the book, now that its scandalous contents have shone a dim light on the pair. For the record, their denial falls flat in light of the fact that Scobie claims he is Meghan’s “soulmate.”

Will Harry And Meghan Return To The UK?

While his granny would surely welcome Harry back, it seems unlikely that he will find his old life appealing now that he’s seen the wonders of Meghan’s little hometown. Not to mention that he gets to flop in a mansion owned by a Hollywood superstar, and receive an allowance from his dad. Under those conditions why would anyone want to return to work as a royal?

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