Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Want To ‘Reset’ The World Should We Be Afraid Are Amused?

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This week ex-Suits actress Meghan Markle proved she knows how to stick to a script when she interviewed The 19th* co-founder and CEO Emily Ramshaw. Even though she was the one asking questions and supposed to be listening she managed to talk about herself and how she was a victim of a “salacious” press.

She also proved to be tone-deaf as she claimed the world needs to use a “compassionate and empathetic lens” in dealing with others, this coming from someone who has publicly shamed her estranged dad and dragged her in-laws via her bio Finding Freedom.

Meghan thinks that she has nothing to do with what she calls the “economy for attention”

Never mind that she was not the one being interviewed, Meghan went on about how her, “personal experience in the past couple years,” has changed her view on the media.

“What’s so fascinating, at least from my standpoint and my personal experience in the past couple years, is the headline alone, the clickbait alone, makes an imprint,” she said.

“There is so much toxicity out there in what is being referred to as, my husband and I talk about it often, this to the economy for attention. That is what is monetizable right now.”

Make no mistake about it, she and her husband signed to a speaker’s bureau all about wanting attention for monetizable gains.

How Meghan And Harry Plan To Change The World One Click At A Time

“We’ve become so, sadly, comfortable with the idea that we are just getting all this stuff and it becomes noise as opposed to truth and accurate journalism, so I think, if this can be the catalyst for a reset for other news organizations, my goodness, it’s going to change the game so much.”

How Markle’s plan to “reset” the world is anyone’s guess, and it’s hard to know whether we should be afraid to be amused.

She nattered on, during the time she was supposed to be interviewing someone else and not talking about herself, “And I think that once we can get back to the place where what you’re creating is so important, where people are just telling the truth in their reporting, and telling it through a compassionate and empathetic lens, it’s gonna help bind people.”

“People are craving change. I think in the place that we’re all in right now, people are starting to question the systems that we’ve always believed in, where we are getting our information from as well. I think, you know, you want to have trust in journalism, and you want to have trust in what you’re reading, and hope that it’s fact.”

You know, I’m gonna stop her right there. She claimed she had nothing to do with her bio Finding Freedom, the one which paints her and Harry as victimized souls, but the book actually thanks to her and her husband for their participation.

Are her words about wanting to trust what one reads an unconscious slip of her guilt over her collusion with her biographers while telling the world she didn’t?

The 19th* is said to be a nonprofit, nonpartisan newsroom focused on gender and politics.

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