Prince William Thinks A ‘Mental Health Catastrophe’ Could Result From COVID Shutdowns

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Prince William Thinks A 'Mental Health Catastrophe' Could Result From COVID ShutdownsBritish royal family news reveals that Prince William is concerned about the effect the ongoing coronavirus restrictions could take on mental health. The United Kingdom has enacted a cross-section of restrictions based on geographic statistics.

During a conference call with Liverpool area business leaders, he expressed the worry that a “mental health catastrophe,” is possible if restrictions keep individuals from socializing. Liverpool has been placed under the strictest of lockdowns based on infection criteria.

Liverpool Is The First Area Of England Put Under The Strictest Lockdown Mandates

Small business owner Natalie Haywood said that William was concerned about the toll the lockdowns are taking on people’s wellbeing.

According to a royal aide, “The mental health of the nation is always a priority. And it will only be in the coming months that we see how acutely this is being affected by what is happening.”

William Had A Conference Call With Liverpool Entrepreneurs To Hear Their Lockdown Frustrations

William’s call took place as several hundred workers from the hospitality industry have staged protests outside Parliament to ask for more financial support.

The new lockdowns have dashed hopes of a high street revival as shoppers must now stay away from stores and pubs and even footfall across the country decreased by 3.1 percent last week.

Liverpool venue boss Natalie Haywood and nightclub DJ Yousef were among those who spoke to Prince William. Haywood has let go of 40 employees from her staff of 200 and said, “William was extremely empathetic to our situation and really wanted to listen to what is actually happening on the ground.”

“He was very focused on the wellbeing of things and spoke of the mental health catastrophe Britain will face if people aren’t allowed to experience social aspects of their lives.”

Yousef shared his thought that music and socializing are key to good mental health and William agreed.

Businesses Have Been Restricted According To A Three-Tier System

When asked, a royal aide said the issue of mental health has always been on top of William and Kate’s minds and explained that William’s call was prompted by the fact that, “different parts of the country are feeling the effects in different ways.”

The hospitality industry has warned that 750,000 jobs could be lost across pubs, restaurants, and hotels by February 2021.

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