‘Welcome To Plathville’ Season 2 News: No More Farm Life For The Family

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Welcome to PlathvilleTLC Welcome To Plathville spoilers and updates reveal that family patriarch Barry Plath, his wife Kim Plath, and their beautiful kids are all set for a second season on TLC. We have some mighty juicy spoilers to reveal about what viewers can expect in Season 2 but first things first: the TLC show debuts on Tuesday, November 10, at 10 pm.

It’s been a while since fans had their last fix of the uber interesting fam. Season 1 ended nearly a year ago in December 2019. What happens next for the drama-filled family? We have everything you need to know and we think you will be shocked!

Season 2 Of Welcome To Plathville Spoilers Reveal Some Unexpected Changes Are In-Store

First off, Kim and Barry Plath trade in their 55-acre farm for a new dream home. Yep, the fam is moving on up to the city after decades spent in the idyllic country. But make mistakes about it, strict dad Barry won’t let the urban lifestyle spoil his kids. Both he and Kim will continue to protect their kids from the evils of computers, video games, and smartphones.

There is also a move for their daughter Moriah and aspiring model son Micah. These two fly the coop and decide to share a rental together. They’re now over 18 years old and ready to fling off the restrictions their parents put on them. Will they be successful or come running back to mom and dad?

We can tell you that Micah’s modeling career zooms to the sky and Moriah takes on two jobs and a boyfriend! But their new house is awfully close to their parents’ new pad.

Welcome To Plathville Fans Know The Kids Were Basically Raised In A Bubble

Every family has tension and turmoil and the Plath’s are no different. Kim Plath is not pleased that the new daughter-in-law Olivia Plath, wife of Ethan Plath, has poisoned the pure waters of the family well. Ever since she came to the family, the other kids have been chafing against their restrictive parental rules

In Season 1 newlyweds Ethan and his Olivia had a turbulent first year of marriage with the bride being Kim’s scapegoat. In fact, the ladies’ beef made it hard for Ethan to be around his parents and siblings.

Ethan Adams Wants To Be His Own Mature Man And Set His Own Rules

Can anyone blame Ethan for wanting to make his own way in the world? He is now married and a grown man. But his mom is not making that easy! In fact, his parents choose to move a mere two blocks away from him and Olivia just when he sets boundaries with them!

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Welcome to Plainville. Come back here often for Welcome to Plathville spoilers, news, and updates.

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