General Hospital News Updates: Kelly Monaco Claps Back At Haters Who Judge Her Looks

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General Hospital spoiler divulges that Los Angeles actress Kelly Monaco (Sam McCall) is reminding people that actors are people, too. She doesn’t often use social media but when she does she makes a good point. This week the lovely and talented General Hospital actress posted a pic to Instagram with a thought-provoking caption.

What was Kelly’s message? We have the skinny for you right here.

General Hospital News Updates

Her caption reads: “Dressing room resting. (Exhausted as you can see) It’s been a looong time since I’ve posted. I must say… a lot of changes happening. #gh Please. #nohate bully’s stay away.”

But there was more to her story, and before it was deleted to only the words in the above caption, she had a few more words to say to the haters.

She told those, “who have hate in their heart, [enough] to comment and say such negative [bleep] on my page. Try… I know it’s hard… but try to look into my eyes and not critique or criticize my physical appearance. Look into my eyes and tell me what you see?!”

Kelly Monaco doesn’t want to spread hate

She went on, “I know… I’m sure it’s not an easy concept. I have feelings, heart, and a soul. Most look past that! Do you see joy, pain, happiness, loneliness, love…”

She continued: “Check yourself before you judge others. I am 44 years old. I feel like I am reading comments from a 15-year-old kid.”

Social media is like a box of chocolates

Monaco added, “To those of you who find it funny or fun or get a kick out of making somebody feel like [bleep]… grow the [bleep] up. You know who you are. I’m praying for ya … this is why I don’t share myself with social media.”

Monaco has a point. There are tons of vicious people online who find that the cloak of anonymity makes it easy to say things they may not say otherwise when face to face to someone. Luckily there are also tons of people who are not like that, who are genuine and positive and don’t seek to pull others down.

In the end, life is like a box of chocolates isn’t it?

What will happen next in Port Charles?

Tell us GH fans, are you pulling for JaSam or wanting the couple to go in a different direction?

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  1. The beauty bandit says

    To Kelly

    1. Sandy says

      Please let Sam & Jason stay together…. watching GH for over 30 yrs. why can’t we have some happiness…. it this difficult time we need some happiness.

  2. suzanne wolfe says

    I absolutely want JaSam together. They belong together. I would love to see Sam being a bad ass with Jason. and fight alongside Jason. I know she is a mom but I still would love to see get back in action and not just on the side, that was never her.

    1. LoveGH says

      Love GH. And I love JaSam together. I agree they need to kick this probation crap and find out that Valentine was hosting the judges decision, take back ELQ for the Q’s and get the sizzle back in their lives. There were real gangsters who had families and also did good in the communities. Writers can do better than this… if not step aside and watch a diehard GH fan put history and present into drama, action-filled GH storylines. That is what we crave. Not the same old lock Carly up crap.

  3. Karolyn Lively says

    Personally, JaSam should have been together their first go round before SB left for Y&R. However, and this is my personal opinion not to be belittled, SB’s return messed up a great storyline with Sam and Jason II (Billy Williams). Their storyline reflected true love in it with lots of storyline possibilities. Words didn’t have to be said between them, just their looks and affection between them said it all. SB’s return as real Jason is flat boring in the love story element with Sam. I feel GH didn’t do Billy Williams right at all with Steve’s return and it would have been better if he was written as the ‘Jason Imposter”, not Billy. Please allow me to have my feelings which don’t mean I am right and any disagreements may be wrong. I just know what the second go round JaSam makes me individually feel.

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