The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Thomas Panics Mannequin Comes To Life At Dinner With Hope And Douglas

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The Bold And The Beautiful: Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson)

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers tease that in Los Angeles Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) will scramble to keep it together when the Hope mannequin comes to life at an inappropriate time! She will come alive right during his family dinner with the real Hope Logan Spencer (Annika Noelle) and his little boy Douglas Forrester (Henry Joseph Samiri)!

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – Thomas Forrester Has Been Fighting Against His Hallucinations

Thomas has been fighting against his hallucinations, but they are only getting worse! Viewers will recall from the last several episodes of The Bold and The Beautiful that the mannequin has given dark and evil commands like he should “take” the real Hope sexually, kill Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton), and now not only is “she” talking, she’s “walking” too! Thomas already has had to explain to a couple of people things that came out of his own mouth that he didn’t mean to say when he heard her voice!

He knows in his conscious mind that “she” is only a mannequin, and “she” is not the real Hope! He is ashamed of his past obsession with the real Hope and has apologized many times for it. But he is having a more and more difficult time distinguishing from what is real and what is a hallucination, and this, too, will only continue to get worse!

It probably would be best if Thomas puts Hope Mannequin in his bedroom or a closet like he did when Douglas came over to play. He may indeed have done so, but when he and Hope and Douglas sit down to dinner, she’ll break out of her hiding place and want to have dinner with them!

B&B Spoilers – Thomas Forrester Will Struggle To Ignore Hope Logan Mannequin

Thomas will struggle to ignore Hope Mannequin as “she” comes to the table and sits down to eat with himself, Hope and Douglas. At this point, he can tell that they cannot see or hear “her”, only he can. “She” may want to play with Douglas, or “she” may try to convince Thomas that “she” is the real Hope! “She” may demand a plate with food and utensils to eat. “She” may even make a bizarre demand that Thomas should pay more attention to her, and less to Douglas and real Hope!

The more he tries to ignore her, the more insistent she may be! She may even try to touch or to kiss or fondle Thomas as he is trying to interact with his son and real Hope, which of course will be very distracting and difficult for Thomas to resist!

He cannot let Douglas and real Hope suspect that he is seeing Hope Mannequin at the table with them and that she is talking to and perhaps touching him, perhaps acting jealous of them or possessive of him as he tries to interact with them! But that won’t be the most difficult struggle for Thomas, trying to ignore Hope Mannequin. The most difficult struggle will be for him to keep it together and not lose it in front of real Hope and Douglas!

Stay tuned to The Bold and The Beautiful, and keep checking The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers frequently for all the latest news, updates, and developments!

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